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SpeechSynthesis Data Installer image
SpeechSynthesis Data Installer FREE

by Android TextToSpeech, Version: 1.0.3 ,
>250,000 downloads , 192582 ratings (4.108 average)

Installs the data files needed by the Android TTS for synthesizing in the following languages: English (US) English (UK) French German Italian Spanish
Text-To-Speech Extended image
Text-To-Speech Extended FREE

by Eyes-Free Project, Version: 3.1 ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 32846 ratings (3.936 average)

This is a text-to-speech library for use by other applications. It extends the functionality of the Android TTS API & is a preview of things to come for the next version. Press "Menu" ...
BW Animation Package image
BW Animation Package FREE

by LevelUp Studio, Version: 1.04 ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 23105 ratings (4.446 average)

This is an *ADDON* package for Beautiful Widgets, which contains the weather animations. Download only if you have purchased Beautiful Widgets from the Android Market. Without Beauti ...
eSpeak for Android image
eSpeak for Android FREE

by Eyes-Free Project, Version: 1.0 ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 19692 ratings (4.070 average)

Port of the eSpeak engine that runs on Android. To enable it: 1. Menu > Settings > Voice input & output > Text-to-speech settings 2. Check "eSpeak TTS". 3. ...
Wifi Connecter Library image
Wifi Connecter Library FREE

by farproc, Version: 2.0.1 ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 15067 ratings (4.259 average)

An OPEN SOURCE library which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. This is NOT a standalone application. It is required by Wifi Analyzer and more. Do NOT install until required! Th ...
Neocore image
Neocore FREE

by Adreno Graphics, Version: 1.9.35 ,
>250,000 downloads , 9138 ratings (4.444 average)

Neocore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark for Android devices. It shows off some of the techniques that are possible on accelerated platforms such as 1-pass light maps and b ...
Radar image
Radar FREE

by Mike Cleron, Version: 1.0 ,
>250,000 downloads , 10594 ratings (3.473 average)

Invoke this activity from your app to display a radar view. This will draw a bearing between the user's current location and the specified latitude and longitude.
ES Security Manager(Beta) image
ES Security Manager(Beta) FREE

by EStrongs Inc., Version: ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 8566 ratings (4.160 average)

Protect privacy, Scan Threats, Find your phone
전국버스 DB Installer image
전국버스 DB Installer FREE

by Hyeongkyu Lee, Version: 20120906 ,  Official Site
>250,000 downloads , 6866 ratings (4.448 average)

* 이 Application은 [전국버스] 앱을 먼저 설치한 후에 설치해주십시오. 만약 이 문장을 이해할 수 없다면 지금 설치하지 마시고, [전국버스& ...
Hypnotic Spiral image
Hypnotic Spiral FREE

by Mike Perrow, Version: 2.0.0 ,
>250,000 downloads , 6982 ratings (4.126 average)

A hypnotic spiral to hypnotize your friends! Drag your finger on the screen to speed up and slow down, and use the menu to change colors. UPDATE in version 2: Fullscreen is now supported� ...

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