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Inverter Reader - FREE

by PhilippeVDG, Version: 0.46 , 76 KB  

Package name: be.geek.smandroid , Last Update: 2012-10-08 19:02:58

77 ratings (2.961 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (0.46):

Fixed retry handler.
Added some more error handling and changed the message into something useful.

Added 4000TL-21.
Some more error logging with precise error message reporting.'Connection refused' means the pairing probably did not succeed.

Live mode: will now really work continuously, replaced progress bar with messages
Added 5000TL-21 alternative (hopefully works) and 3000TL-21.


Displays the daily production of your SMA inverter with a linegraph.

Currently supported models:
1700TL, 2100TL, 3000TL, 3000TLHF, 4000TL, 5000TL, 10000TL

The use of this App has technical limitations because of the conditions while using Bluetooth. These limitations are inherent to the App and have nothing to do with the SMA

Switch on your bluetooth.
Hit the menu button and select 'Settings', then 'Inverters' to list your current inverters.
To add new ones select 'Scan for devices'.
If new ones have been found you can select one of them, enter its password, select the model and click on 'Save'.
Go back to the settings screen to select this new inverter as the current one.
Next hit the menu button and select 'Connect inverter' to begin reading the production data of the current day.
You can use a sideways swipe gesture to access the daily production, total production and lastly a screen with detailed info about the inverter.
Swipe up or down to change the day, week or month.
If your inverter doesn't broadcast itself you can manually enter the inverter info with 'Manual setup'.
Select 'Date' to select the current day. If no values are found the screen will be black and you ought to connect to your inverter.
To switch to another inverter select 'Settings' and choose the one you want.
To be able to export to go to settings and select 'PVOutput'. Click the 'Add' button to add your pvoutput specific data. Be careful with that api key, it is error prone. Next click save and when going back to the settings screen you must select a current pvoutput system.
I noticed that exporting to pvoutput is unfortunately not allowed beyond 2 weeks in the past. :-/
You can also export the current day to a csv file. I took over the format used by SMA. The files are stored in /Android/data/be.geek.smandroid/files/.
This has been tested with a HTC Desire running Gingerbread 2.3.3 and a SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF-30 inverter.
If you have one of those select '3000TLHF' as model.

Be aware that after a few weeks of daily intake your application's data size can grow considerably. Use the 'Delete' button in the inverter detail screen (or use the 'Clear data' button from app management).
Or use the Delete menu option from the main menu.

You can switch to an alternate view from Settings. Select 'Current view' to choose between a dayly (default), weekly or monthly view.
If you choose a weekly or a monthly view you can now retrieve data from the displayed date range. Be aware that reading an entire month can take a considerable time.

The 'Live' option allows you to read inverter data continuously. Select the current day first (I'll sort it out automatically in a next update). The update interval is specified in Settings by selecting 'Current live delay'.
If you have a pvoutput system it will then export to this.

All the code that communicates with the inverter is originally from:
My java port is here:

Important note for those with problems: this is essentially a java port of sma-bluetooth.
Consider joining the sma-bluetooth mailing list if you're having problems with your type of inverter. If you get helpful answers you can relay them back to me and I'll see what I can do.

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