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Bulb Light - 0.99 USD

by 6Sense Technologies, Version: 1.0 , 3065 KB  

Package name: com.SixSense.BulbApplication , Last Update: 2012-04-14 21:35:06

2 ratings (1.000 average)

50-100 downloads

What's new in this version (1.0):


This is amazing new idea of lighting up the place using phone touch.

Bulb Light is an exciting new app that turns your phone Touch into a simple lamp light to help find your way in a dark setting. It starts up quickly, giving you an extremely bright light!

It has feature to choose your own bulb from the list of bulbs.

Last comments from Android Market

victor (*)
What a huge waste!!sad thing is I downloaded this n a another one called lamp n dint try em right away n now its to late for a refund.this is garbage.

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