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Usage Timelines Pro - 2.49 USD

by Dr. Achim Leubner, Version: 1.8.1 , 1623 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-09-05 05:08:09

120 ratings (4.667 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.8.1):

✓ On some devices (Razr/german locale) the memory field could be too small

✓ Notification background adjusted for ICS/JB
✓ Action bar style
✓ Adjusted layout for different ICS/JB text sizes
✓ Show/Hide SysApps-Button in process list activity
✓ Removed "icon overlay" setting for Android >= 3.0/Honeycomb. Icon overlays are not supported since honeycomb (and on some devices before)
✓ Some other small impro


Usage Timelines is a CPU and process monitor with graphical load history. It shows you when & which app overloads your phones cpu so you can stop it.

A trial version is available at

For questions, remarks, suggestions or feedback mail us at

---- Features ------------

✓ Extended cpu load history as notification in the notification bar (like xload/windows task manager)
✓ Process listing
✓ Cpu and memory usage of processes (similar to "top" or windows task manager)
✓ Processes can be terminated and uninstalled
✓ Works without rooting
✓ Very low power usage
✓ Start/stop widget
✓ Supports English and German
✓ No ads

---- Power Consumption ------------

Some remarks about power consumption and performance (percent values are for an HTC Desire).

✓ tl;dr
Set your update intervals as high as acceptable for you. Power consumption should be fine then.
Shorter update intervals lead to higher power consumption since the values are updated more often.
You may also use it just when you experience problems and turn off the notification otherwise.

✓ Usage Timelines has been highly optimized (e.g. the history notification uses 0%-1% of the cpu power with an update interval of 2 seconds if the screen is on).
✓ If everything is fine, Usage Timelines should be the app in the app list that uses most cpu since all other apps should be paused by android. That's normal and expected behavior.
✓ Displaying the process list needs some additional power, especially if you are working with the app (e.g. scrolling). Without scrolling etc. thisis about 1-2% for an 5 seconds update interval. If the process list is not shown (e.g. while you are using another app), the process list does not use any cpu power.
✓ If the screen is off, only the values for the notification history are acquired to be able to properly update the usage history as soon as the screen is switched on again. Neither the notification history nor the process list are updated if the screen is off since you could not see the update anyway, saving cpu power and lowering power consumption.

Last comments from Android Market

kitgerrits (*****)
The mini task list makes this app complete. It is a one-stop shop for finding the source of lag on your phone.

Flash (*****)
Love the nice NEW look and feel of a PC in the palm of your hand, EVO style!

AndroidAbh (*****)
Wow new version is super kool. I am glad i buy it. Now its totally looks like windows task manager. 10 STAR :)

Android Developer (*****)
Very helpful!

Marcel (*****)
Excellent tool. Bought it to support the developer

Alexey (*****)
Love it. Necessary thing.

Max (*****)
Excellent on my tattoo, now excellent on my desire hd. Great app! Thanks!

David (*****)
Solid app. Minimal CPU use. Last 120 cycle history is extremely helpful. Best if used with a system monitor.

RiyANDROID (*****)
Absolutely amazine. Just like a pc cpu monitoring. Worth to pay. Very good app. Thnx. Galaxy S I9000 Android v2.1

taylor.woll (*****)
Great way to see which applications are using system resources.

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