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by AndriOS, Version: 1.1.1 , 4406 KB  

Package name: com.andrios.pregnancyjournal , Last Update: 2012-09-09 19:59:41

12 ratings (4.417 average)

100-500 downloads

What's new in this version (1.1.1):

Version 1.1.1
- Bug(Fixed) Text Views in weekly Information View are now able to scroll.
- Added Preferences Menu in settings.
- Usage Data will not collect personal information, only number of page views.


Baby Loading... Please Wait...

OK dad, your wife is pregnant, your job is done, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, you’ve got a long nine months ahead of you. Problem is there aren’t a lot of obvious ways to help, but you’ve got to be there when she needs you... This is where Baby Loading can help... Never be caught unaware when one of your female friends asks how far along your wife is, Baby Loading will let you know to the day. Keep track of important moments in the pregnancy, log what happened at that last Doctor’s visit, track the names you’ve thought of and rank them based on you and your wife's preference.


When the time comes Baby Loading... will help you remember all necessities for the big hospital trip. Don’t be in the dog house from day one. Baby Loading also lets you customize a list of quick contacts so you know who to call on the big day or for any emergencies.


Week-By-Week Info and Tips: What the heck is going on in there anyways? Get the down and dirty about what's happening to your unborn child week by week. Get a tips about what you can do to help out during pregnancy.

Baby Name List: Ok so you’ve narrowed your name list down to 2 or 3... hundred names, now what? Baby Loading lets you and your wife rank your names separately to see what your absolute favorite names are.

Emergency contact list: Don’t be caught with your pants down at a big moment in your wife’s pregnancy, keep Doctor and Hospital contacts handy, keep your midwife’s phone number nearby, and don’t you dare forget to call your mother-in-law on your way to the hospital.

Hospital visit supply list: Baby Loading provides a recommended list of items you should bring on your big trip to the hospital, but feel free to ignore them and add whatever it is you think is important to bring... just make sure you don’t forget your wife!

Build your wife’s profile: Ok dad... go ask your wife what her LMP is and add it to Baby-Loading... From here on out you’re on your own... you won’t have to go ask everytime someone asks you what week or trimester you are in.

Build and save a virtual time capsule to share with your baby when he/she grows up.

Email your Baby: Set up an email account for your little one and quickly send emails from the app using your favorite email client. Share the email address with friends and family and all of a sudden your little one has a full inbox of well-wishes and funny stories... you just have to teach them how to read it.

Are you a new dad trying to figure out what to do now that your wife's pregnant?

Recent Changes:

Version 1.1
- Internal file tweaks to improve loading performance in Journal.
- Backup files to your Dropbox account!
- Tweaked timeline to line up months to weeks.

Version 1.0.5- Simplified Weekly size estimates- New weekly size comparisons- Added a few Tablet-Layouts to better support large screens

Version 1.0.4
- Weekly Information about the baby's size and development
- Weekly Tips for how dad can help out during pregnancy

Version 1.0.3
- Share your partner's Timeline to Facebook, Twitter, email and more!

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