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Screen Suite Lockscreen image

Screen Suite Lockscreen - 1.99 USD

by Apps Beyond, Version: 3.1.2 , 341 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-11-20 14:07:31

1097 ratings (3.544 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (3.1.2):

* Removed lock screen HOME control. This caused blackouts on some handsets. Android engineers discourage overriding the HOME button, and this has inconsistent behavior on different devices. This will be moved to a separate add-on app for users that need this.
* Added custom background auto-rotate setting. This is no longer the default operation as this can be memory intensive and slow down older handsets


Expand your phone screen functionality by customizing your lockscreen, keep your phone screen on with stay awake mode, or allow phone screen to sleep and disable the lock screen entirely. Feature highlights below:

Custom Lock screen
* Auto-lock phone screen during call and preventing the dreaded cheek presses while on a call.
* Custom lockscreen backgrounds: system default, transparent, and custom backgrounds. If multiple backgrounds are selected, the lock screen rotates through each background every time you turn your phone screen on. Transparent background only works with force option described below.
* Custom lockscreen widgets to display your contact information, date and time, and battery indicator.
* Works with Android secure pattern lock.
* Lock screen Caller id. See incoming caller information on lockscreen. You can configure also configure lock screen to allow default Android caller id screen while ringing.
* Disable volume button controls exclusively on lockscreen
* Prevents button wake up on screen off. May take a few seconds to kick in after the screen turns off on less responsive devices.
* Prevent HOME button bypass on the lockscreen with HOME control functionality. See app website (below) for more details.

Custom lockscreen force option
Same features as custom lock, but attempts to disable the default Android lockscreen as best as possible. This is recommended for users that don't have a secure lock configured, as this provides smoother unlock operation. This will bypass the Android secure lock. Non-force option only overlays the default Android lockscreen and works with the Android secure lock.

Disable lock screen
This mode automatically unlocks your Android lockscreen whenever you turn your phone screen on. Saves the extra swipe to unlock, and gets you to business immediately. Also keeps your phone safe from button presses while your screen is off.

Keep screen on/Stay awake mode
Keeps your phone screen on indefinitely. Great for use with the GPS, browser or other apps that you would rather have your screen stay on. Battery saver mode allows screen to dim but not shut off. Also shuts off automatically when battery goes low

Stay awake (Auto)
Configure screen stay awake to automatically come on when certain apps are launched. Stay awake may not come on immediately, but should come on at some point before your phone screen shuts off

Turns your phone screen into a flashlight. Hit menu button to switch mode to rotate through several screen colors. Great for use as a night light also. Try swiping forward, backward and double-clicking on screen to change light color, or pause rotate action

LED light coming soon


!! Licensing issues !!
We recently migrated to using licensing services provided by Android engineers (Android is discontinuing its previous copy-protection service). This requires phone data services to contact the Android licensing servers. If you get "Application not licensed" messages, please ensure that you have data access and click the verify button to re-initiate the license check.

We hear your feedback and are constantly working hard to "perfect" this app as best as possible. There may be occasions where we fail at this, but we always do our best to correct mistakes/issues/human error. Bashing and negative reviews, though understandable at times, are not fair given the effort placed on meeting most user's requirements to the best of our ability. We appre

Last comments from Android Market

Kathryn (*****)
This is the best app ever. I was always hanging up on calls so much so I considered a new phone. This app has made my phone functional again. Droid

Anthony (****)
Make sure your turn off emergency contact in the options. My face has called 911 twice in the last month. Solved my dropped call problem.

Leah (****)
Just what I needed to stop hanging up on people. I feel like its alot of work just to end the call .

Todd (*****)
Exactly what I needed, my chin constantly would hang up on people and this does the trick to autolock the phone on calls

Aaron (*)
Doesnt always come up first for the default lockscreen..

Bjrmd (*)
Blocks headset button from working

Nari (****)
Keeps me from cheek dialing. Love the auto lock on calls. However phone lock override is inconsistent.

kevin (*)
Useless! Waste of a few dollars! Will not even keep it locked.

Luis (*****)
workgood....HTC EVO

Steven (***)
Please make the android robot pictures an option. It didn't used to do that. Please fix and i'll give 5 stars

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