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Spanish Class - 3.87 USD

by Ceardannan, Version: 4.96 , 4617 KB  

Package name: com.ceardannan.languages.spanish.full , Last Update: 2012-11-28 00:48:47

274 ratings (4.416 average)

5,000-10,000 downloads

What's new in this version (4.96):

* Added 300 Grammar Exercises
* Made it possible to practice past particle and gerund tenses.
* Made it possible to practice "previous errors"(this only works for errors made in reports that are saved with this version in; it won't work for errors made for reports saved in previous versions of the app)
* Added 200+ image vocabulary exercises.

* Fixed a problem which caused displays to flicker on certain devices.
* Made it pos


Gain a mastery of Spanish!

Spanish Class contains a complete offline written Spanish course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. All words and phrases are available to listen to as well.
Great support when you learn Spanish. Easy to practice your verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar and phrases with.

This total course covers the following content:
* All tenses, with all irregular verb forms highlighted
* 4000+ words, sorted into different categories such as food, transport and vacation
* 40 grammar articles, covering all Spanish Grammar
* 200 useful phrases

And the following features:
* Highly customizable exercises on all of the above, with a fun awards system which makes practicing fun, with separate awards for the vocabulary, verbs, grammar, listening and speaking exercises.
* Keeping track of your progress by saving statistics and summaries of all done exercises, together with errors made.

The first strength of this app is the extended content. No other Spanish app offers this much for the same price.
The other strength lies in its fun, addictive and useful exercises.

The app also contains a fun speaking exercise, which should not be taken very seriously as it is now Also, although basic voices are included, it is also possible to enable additional higher quality voices from within the app, but these have to be bought first from the third party company Svox.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, this app is for you.

We believe in a long term strategy for this app and customer feedback is very important to us. If there is something you do not like, please contact us at our developer email instead of giving us a 1 star rating. If you give us a 1 star rating, we do not even get your details so we cannot contact you back to solve the problem. If you contact us with a remark or problem and we fail to help you within a few days/weeks, depending on the severity of the problem, we understand that you give us a bad rating.
Also, if your audio sounds way off, please read

Your language apps rock!! The interface is well designed, simple yet very very effective and it is as you described, very addictive.

Your language apps are the best on the market. You offer far more for less.

Unbelievable! I'm blown away by this app. It's almost as good as my pc version that I paid $$$ for except voice recognition could be better. Definitely worth the money.

Perfect format. I like how quickly you jump on comments. Keep up the good work.

* Writing exercises: the word, verb and grammar exercises will get a “writing” instead of multiple choice option, which will present the user with a textbox to type in instead of the multiple choice questions, for a bit more of a challenge.
* Image exercises, such as on clock times.
* Making it possible to add your own words and phrases to the app through

Last comments from Android Market

charlie (*****)
Great learning tool

giulio (*****)
I like the set up and I like the fact of how quickly the producer jumps on comments and takes action very quickly keep up the good work. :)

SoirEkim (*****)
My wife speaks spanish(her first language) and she says the words in this app are correct.

Jonas (**)
Seemed good at first but fund many errors in the quiz sections. Would not recommend it to anyone before it gets fixed and updated with more verbs!

mez (*****)
Really good for a beginner such as myself. HTC Desire 2.2

Yair (****)
Great would love if for the quizzes the answers would have similar options so it's not so clear what the answer is

Levainqueur (****)
Perfect format. The only thing that keeps me from giving a 5 is too few verbs. Maybe in a future update? ;)

Andrey (*****)
No more angry birds for me! Found one bug - during exercise if you open the keyboard on G2 it will reset the exercise.

Josh (****)
Great app! I'm unable to read the last word in the Reference Vocabulary because of "Change Selection". Please fix and Apps2sd.

Megan (****)
I wish it spoke to me so I know if I'm saying it right lol

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