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Hijri Calendar Pro - 5.99 USD

by Mehmet Mahmudoglu, Version: 7 , 1851 KB  

Package name: com.cepmuvakkit.conversion , Last Update: 2013-01-05 03:57:49

9 ratings (3.667 average)

100-500 downloads

What's new in this version (7):

- BuyPro warning removed from the distance information
- To run app properly, you should enter your location information.
With the new version v10-41 Crash problem fixed. Sorry from everyone.
- New GUI design


Ultimate Conversion tool from Gregorian calendar dates to the hijri dates with a nice widget application. It covers the years 4712 B.C and until 2149.
Even though, you can search the dates before the hegira event and historic ages.
-It calculates hijri calendar according to the global moon sighting conference criteria. Moon Earth Elongation angle is defined as 8 degrees.
- Able to display data based on your Network/GPS location
- Comprehensive moon information and includes specific moonrise, moon transit and moonset.
- Percent of the illuminated moon area, age of moon since conjunction (how far along the moon is in its full cycle).
- Lunation number, moon elevation, azimuth distance to the earth.
- Navigation capability between the day and time precision.
- Sunset, Sun elevation angle and Julian date
-Real Time Moon Shape and Position Angle
-The Da Vinci Glow effect for the moon dark part visualized .
-Real Time moon image over the sky according to your position at the earth.
-Central or Partial, Solar and Lunar Eclipses included
-Detection of Central Solar eclipse certain, Possible central solar eclipse, Partial solar eclipse certain, Possible partial solar eclipse, Total lunar eclipse certain, Possible Total Lunar eclipse, Partial Lunar eclipse certain, Possible Partial Lunar eclipse, Penumbral Lunar eclipse certain, Possible penumbral lunar eclipse.( Annular, Hybrid, Partial ,Umbral and Penumbral).
-Exact Timings of New Moon, New Crescent, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter. Navigation capability through the Moon phase such as New Moon, Full Moon, First And Last Quarter and New crescent.
- Moon Widget, Compact Hijri Date Widget included
-Turkish, Arabic translation included
-Real Time Moon Shape and Position Angle
- The Da Vinci Glow effect for the moon dark part reckoned

هجرة هجرية هجری hijri hijra hijrah hijriah hijriya hijriyah AH хіджры хиджра 回历 回歷 hidžra Islamilainen Hijras हिजरी Iszlám イスラム暦 Hidžras Hidžros Hidżra хиджры Хиџра islamski ฮิจเราะห์ Hicri хіджри הידזשרי
Astrology, Astronomy, Hijri Hegira islam, Muslim Quran Kuran Takvim Hicri Takvim Miladi Rumi, Penumbral lunar eclipse certain solar observation, husuf, kusuf

التقويم الهجري
تحويل التاريخ الهجري والتقويم القمرى
خسوف القمر الكلي معينة
بدر ممكن المركزية كسوف للشمس
الهلال الجديد
عيد الفطر
عيد الأضحى
شعبان رمضان
غروب القمر
بليلة القدر
تربيع أول
جوليان اليوم
مسار الشمس خط الطول
عدد الأشهر

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