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MedMixOne - FREE

by Code Dimensions, Version: 1.01 , 18938 KB  

Package name: com.codedimensions.medmixone , Last Update: 2013-02-06 18:37:28

4 ratings (2.750 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads


This FREE APP is a Set of 3 Meditations - each from one of our popular meditation apps.

AjnaVisions - HealingSpirit - SatoriSND

Audio Brain entrainment meditations using subtle stereo theta wave inducing Binaural Beats set to base Solfeggio Frequencies - with Alpha Pulse Isochronic tones, along with digital stereo live nature recordings and rich deep synthesized tracks - and enhanced with digital sound loops and effects.

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MedMixOne-MediaPackOne This is a media pack used by our MedMixOne package. Please install MedMixOne to make use of this media pack.

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