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Casino Blackjack - FREE

by Craig Warner, Version: 1.6 , 926 KB  

Package name: com.cwarner62.blackjack , Last Update: 2013-01-09 23:07:36

752 ratings (3.633 average)


What's new in this version (1.6):

v1.6 (4/10/11): Improved tablet support (bigger cards)

New in version 1.5:
*Enable Pro Features: You now have the option of enabling many of the great features of Casino Blackjack Pro for free! Note that this will also enable ads however you can turn the ads back off at any time by unchecking the setting.
*Larger Buttons
*Reset Bankroll
*New Stats Tracked
*Pro Features include: Cheat Mode, X


Not your ordinary blackjack app - a real blackjack simulator with standard Vegas rules, packed with customizable features and different game modes!

Regular Mode is a completely realistic blackjack simulator (card order in the shoe is randomized during the shuffle). Shoe is 6 decks by default and is shuffled 3/4 of the way through. If pro features are enabled, these can be customized. You start with 1000 chips and $10,000 in the bank. You can "borrow money" if your bankroll goes negative. Stats are tracked so you can see your performance over time! Start a new session anytime from the stats page.

New in version 1.5: You can enable many of the "pro features" for free! Note that this will also enable an ad bar at the bottom of the screen but you can always uncheck the setting and turn the ads and pro features back off. The pro features include:
*Expected Value (EV) calculated live for every play based on the up cards.
*Customize the rules, # of decks, and when decks are shuffled.
*Lots of stats tracked for both the current session and overall including stats on your double downs, splits, and hand distribution.

Plus 3 additional game modes:
*Cheat Mode stacks the deck in your favor. Despite what some reviewers seem to think, the deck is randomized in Regular Mode. However, in Cheat Mode it is harder for you to bust and less likely for you to pull a low card on a double down. If you'd rather win than have realistic odds, Cheat Mode is for you!

*Sim Mode allows you to prepare yourself for any scenario you may face in a casino. Its not actually a blackjack game - you can't win or lose bets - but it allows you to see your EV for any possible hand. Click on either of your cards or the dealer's first card to choose the value of that card and see what your odds are. Click a card again to change its value. Not sure if you made the right play while at a casino? Enter the hand in Sim Mode and find out!

*X-Ray Mode: Wouldn't you like to have a pair of X-Ray glasses at the blackjack table that allow you to see the dealer's hole card? Now you can with X-Ray Mode!

*Note on permissions: These are required by Mobclix for ads. However, you must enable pro features for ads to be run at all. The choice is yours.

Last comments from Android Market

M (*****)
A user below said you can't decrease the bid but that's not correct. By default the + is selected if you click the- then you can decrease the bid

Joe (**)
Waste of time; don't bother with this app.

matt (*****)
Nice app, it keeps me busy when I am bored at work

Rich (***)
It ard on my g2 happy thankgiving day ppl 2010

BrianP (*)
Very confusing...

Adam (***)
Fun, but only 3 stars because if I really won this much at blackjack I wouldnt need a job.

Heather (*)

Katie (*)
If you like losing, this is the perfect game for you. Its a piece of crap. Delete.

Contact (***)
Not bad, but I have seen better.

John (**)
Agree with joe. A hit with 12 or higher results in a 10 or a face card almost every time.

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