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Casino Blackjack Pro - 0.99 USD

by Craig Warner, Version: 1.6 , 812 KB  

Package name: com.cwarner62.casinoBlackjackPro , Last Update: 2012-07-07 07:57:06

76 ratings (3.763 average)

5,000-10,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.6):

v1.6 (4/10/11): Improved tablet support (bigger cards)

New in version 1.5:
*Cheat Mode: The deck is rigged in your favor. Its harder for you to bust and less likely for you to pull a low card on a double down. If you'd rather win than have realistic odds, Cheat Mode is for you!
*X-Ray Mode: Use your X-Ray glasses to see the dealer's hole card.
*Larger Buttons
*Split Any 1


The ultimate blackjack app - feature packed and customizable, with multiple blackjack game modes!

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please e-mail me - it'll be more effective than just posting "Game sucks. Dealer always gets blackjack".

Regular Mode is a completely realistic blackjack simulator (card order in the shoe is randomized during the shuffle) that provides all the great features of casino blackjack free plus:
*Expected Value (EV) calculated live for every play based on the up cards.
*Card Counting: choose from 5 pre-programmed systems or create your own!
*Customize the rules, # of decks, and when decks are shuffled.
*Start a new session anytime from the Stats page.
*Lots of stats tracked for both the current session and overall including stats on your double downs, splits, and hand distribution.
*New bigger buttons.

Cheat Mode stacks the deck in your favor. Despite what some reviewers seem to think, the deck is randomized in Regular Mode. However, in Cheat Mode it is harder for you to bust and less likely for you to pull a low card on a double down. If you'd rather win than have realistic odds, Cheat Mode is for you! (Just don't expect the same results at real blackjack tables!)

Sim Mode allows you to prepare yourself for any scenario you may face in a casino. Its not actually a blackjack game - you can't win or lose bets - but it allows you to see your EV for any possible hand. Click on either of your cards or the dealer's first card to choose the value of that card and see what your odds are. Click a card again to change its value. Not sure if you made the right play while at a casino? Enter the hand in Sim Mode and find out!

X-Ray Mode: Wouldn't you like to have a pair of X-Ray glasses at the blackjack table that allow you to see the dealer's hole card? Now you can with X-Ray Mode!

Responses to selected comments:
*Keith - Why do you think the EVs are flawed? Based on the up-cards showing, every possible scenario is calculated (which is why it can take 1/2 second if you have say 2/3 vs an ace). I've triple checked them but if you have actual evidence of an error, please send it to me and I'll fix it.

*Joel - The number of cards remaining in the shoe and the true count are shown unless you've selected to hide the count. I may add a relative depiction of the shoe when I get around to a more graphically robust version but I went for gameplay first and graphics second.

*Ralph - Yeah, ok. What possible reason would a game have to cheat you out of play money chips?

Last comments from Android Market

Joseph (*****)
A blackjack players dream, 6 decks, a count everything...great game!

Bill (*****)
Best blackjack program in the market! I was looking for a program to improve my play and this works perfectly. Love the card counting feature. 10/10

LD Freeman (*****)
Awesome app to play n learn basic bj strategy. Best bj app on market. Neg reviews r out of date or dont know the game.

TV Bob (***)
Does not allow you to split all 10s. Cards/buttons too small on Droid 2. No Ace side count display. Increasing or decreasing bet takes 2 clicks.

Dino (***)
My only gripe is that its only single player. it doesn't simulate a multiplayer setting as u would have in a casino.

Ryan (**)
After playing for hours, the odds are entirely inaccurate and non realistic. Have to uninstall and reinstall to get out of 200k debt twice.

a (*****)
Great app ... love the bank roll

jimmy (**)
Could be great but odds are seriously out of whack. Computer got blackjack 10 times in 15 hands. 9 out of 10 times if I have 12, next card is a face.

David (**)
It is really not fun with the computer getting 21 on every second game and me busting with a 22 every time I get 12 and draw a card. Needs work.

charles (***)
How do you decrease your bet once you've up'ed it???

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