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SECuRET SpyCam DEMO image


by dooblou, Version: 1.10.2 , 2512 KB  

Package name: com.dooblou.SECuRETSpyCamBETA , Last Update: 2012-11-09 05:11:35

1178 ratings (2.888 average)


What's new in this version (1.10.2):

- UPnP support for connecting to other Android devices
- Fix a memory leak
- Fix preview frame issue on Galaxy Nexus
- Option to specify the type of "screen on" setting
- Minor graphical enhancements
- Change target to Jelly Bean


* Now with Dropbox support to automatically upload your video and photo motion triggered captures to your Dropbox account *


Turn your Android phone camera or remote camera into a visual motion triggered SpyCam. Your phone or remote camera will auto-capture (still photo or video) any motion within its field of vision, and then save or email the photo/video. Can be used as a serious surveillance solution, as this application has already caught several criminals in the act of stealing cars and breaking into houses. Can also be used to take candid snaps of your friends when they don't know they are on camera - now that is some good fun!

What will you spy on?

* Full version is a 4.5 star top app in 'Photography' and the BEST SpyCam application available on the Android Market! *



1. Hide your phone and it will take motion triggered photos or videos;

2. Don't want to use your phone as the camera? Then instead remotely connect to a webcam or another Android device (in conjunction with SECuRET LiveStream);

3. Disguise mode and touch screen locking so your phone can't be detected;

4. Automatically email or Twitter your captures as soon as motions are detected, so you don’t need to look at your phone to see what it has captured so far;

5. Advanced settings to tweak performance and timings;

6. Choose between the front and back camera (requires Android 2.3 or above and a front camera);

7. Choice of photo and video resolutions, including full resolution photos and hi-def videos (requires Android 2.2 or above);

8. Quick start mode to start capturing right away;

9. Burst capture, so you never miss a thing;

10. LOTS more features in development;

Please note this FREE DEMO version has certain restrictions on features, such as limited resolution options, black & white still photos, 5 minute timeout, limited video recording length, etc. Please do not rate low because of these limitations – it is after all, just a FREE DEMO. Thanks :)


* Before emailing, check FAQs at *

* Follow @dooblou on Twitter for all the latest news and updates as they occur *

* Find us on Facebook – Search for ‘SECuRET’ *


Part of the SECuRET range of camera applications:

- SECuRET SpyCam is a motion triggered camera application.

- SECuRET LiveStream is a wifi-streaming camera appication.

- SECuRET RemoteControl is a camera application controlled by SMS.

Last comments from Android Market

Gem (*****)
Brilliant for getting candid pictures of my friends, love it. So many features, shame demo isn't longer. Droid X.

Paul (*****)
From dev: Fixed force close bug on 1.5/1.6 devices - sorry about that one.

jaclyn (*)

K-DiZzLe (*****)
Pimppressive app! I can watch over my downstairs or out to front yard, while I'm upstairs working on computer!!! Thanx it was worth buying!!

Abdulilah (*****)
Tali- Ive been waitn 4 someone to mke something like this.i luv it.police gonna mke me rich the next they violate me rights

Tony (*****)
Awesome app. Video records flawless,motion detect awesome. Please contact creator with any Q's. As he will not only respond he will fix bugs quic

Kim (*)
Managed to get 1 black and white still from it before demo ran out. Most features disabled. Without seeing the streaming I would not consider paying

Daniel (*)
If u buy this your a moron, it didnt take anything when phone was asleep. uninstalled

Elise (*)
Rubbish does nuthin

randy (*****)
Awesome app. Bought full version moments later!!!!

SECuRET SpyCam DEMO screenshot 1 SECuRET SpyCam DEMO screenshot 2

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