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Bible Proverbs image

Bible Proverbs - 1.20 USD

by Good Word Software, Version: 1.6 , 258 KB

Package name: com.goodword.proverbs , Last Update: 2012-05-11 16:21:58

11 ratings (4.182 average)

100-500 downloads


* Offline access to the complete KJV Bible Proverbs
* Each verse accompanied by Matthew Henryโ€™s commentary
* Bookmark favourite Proverbs & Commentaries
* Browse by Proverb or Commentary
* Daily Proverb feature
* Full text search

Last comments from Android Market

Grace (****)
Follow me @gracescincoz and I will follow back

Jess (*****)
My fav book in His word!

angie (*****)
God is good!!

Arc (*****)
Excellent app - it's nice to have something uplifting to read. I like the UI - simple and clear.

Grace (*)
Converted to Athiesm

gary (*)
Search function does not work. Developer did not respond to multiple e-mails on this. Droid X

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