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Chinese Talismans (Guan Yu) - FREE

by iMediaBank, Version: 2.0 , 3521 KB  

Package name: com.imediabank.chinesetalismansguanyu , Last Update: 2012-08-24 03:04:29

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No matter you belive or not, Chinese Talismans Can help you change your luck and do anything smoothly !

Chinese Talismans has Four Version, they all come from Three Kingdoms characters :Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Liu Bei
Different version has different effect talismans.
You can download others version from Google Market.

Zhuge Liang - (181 years -234 years), the word Ming, Yang Langya are (now Yinan County, Shandong Province) people, an important minister of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms, Chinese history, the famous statesman, military strategist, essayist, inventor, is also China traditional culture and loyal representative of the wise. Zhuge Liang was still alive after being labeled as the prime minister of Shu Han Wu Xiang Hou, Shi-Zhong Wu Hou died, so called Wuhou, Zhuge Wuhou, in addition to its early nickname, also known Wolong or Fulong.

Cao Cao - (155 -220 years, March 15), the word Mendelsohn, nickname "lucky" small print "A hiding," Pei Guo Qiao (now Bozhou city) people. Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty famous military strategist, statesman and poet, founder of the Three Kingdoms era Wei and main founder, after the king, after the death of King Wu posthumous name. His son Cao Pi became the emperor, Zhuizun of Dynasty Emperor Wu.

Guan Yu - (? -220 Years) [1], the word Kung, the word longevity, Dong Xie County (today's Shanxi Yuncheng), born about Han Huan Yan Xi-year period [2], the Eastern Han Dynasty Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei's forces. important generals.
Guan Yu is most special about Chinese culture and history of its much admired, because of their loyalty and valor of the image, many are descendants of the emperor praised closed until the "Emperor", it is also known as Kuan, Guan Ti, Kuan and so on. Confucianism regarded as one of five Wenchang, and respect for the "text value sage," Taoism regarded as a "Great Society days", "Han Yi revere." Chinese Buddhist Bong it as one of protective deities, known as the "Garan Buddha." Folk as "Three Kingdoms" and other traditional works of, Guan Yu and Liu Bei generally considered, is the sworn brother Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, ranked second, it is also known that it is Guan Gong, Guan Er Ye, Guan brother, off master, until the contemporary certain social groups and occasions, are still often the case of worship Guan Yu.

Liu Bei - "Han Liezu zhao lie" Emperor Liu Bei (161 -223 years, June 10), the word Xuande, Zhuojun Zhuoxian (now Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, Baoding) people, the establishment of Shu Han regime during the Three Kingdoms were.

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