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Ginger James: DQ (Free) - FREE

by KBI, Inc., Version: 12.3.26 , 1991 KB  

Package name: com.kbi.ginger1free , Last Update: 2012-05-01 17:26:19

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500-1,000 downloads

What's new in this version (12.3.26):

Uses mediaPlayer for more natural "reading" of book.


Hi! My name is Ginger James. Remember it, because one day you’re going to see it up in lights!

You want to know what my books are about? ME! Well, mostly me. Unfortunately they’re also about this other girl named Madison S. Gardens. She’s the snot who came to my third grade class and ruined my life! Everything was perfect until little Miss I-look-like-a-model came along! Now everybody pays attention to Madison and no one pays attention to me. How am I supposed to become a world famous actress without being the most popular girl in class?

The Ginger James, Drama Queen Book Series is an engaging way for any young child (K-3) to pass the time reading! Keep this book handy on your phone and watch them become a part of Ginger’s animated third grade world!

GINGER JAMES, DRAMA QUEEN (Book 1): Ginger is a girl who totally believes that one day she is going to be a famous actress—by being the most popular girl in third grade! Everything is going well until Madison S. Gardens comes to class. Madison has the perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect voice and of course, perfect name! Suddenly everyone is paying attention to her and not Ginger. There is only one thing to do: move to a new town, to a new neighborhood, to a new school where they’ve never heard of perfect Madison S. Gardens! Ginger tries everything—from leaky pipes and bugs in the house—to try to get her parents to move. Then, to top things off, Ginger gets a part in the community play only to find out that Madison does, too! It’s always Madison, Madison, Madison! What will Ginger do to win back her popularity and chase her dreams?

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