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Simple Cyrillic keyboard image

Simple Cyrillic keyboard - FREE

by probey, Version: , 252 KB

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-07-09 19:23:21

151 ratings (4.252 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (

* Changed BE layout letters to UK layout specific letters 'є','ґ','ї'

* Added RU/UK/BE specific option 'Extended mode', one letter per key, full 4 rows Cyrillic layout.

* Orientation specific options 'Enable 5 rows mode' and 'Enable extended mode' added.


"Simple Cyrillic keyboard" is touch keyboard with layouts:

* Cyrillic Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian (RU/UK/BE)
* [English QWERTY/Z (EN)]

[] optional!

Any optional layouts can be disabled via activating settings menu item "Disable XX layout",
here XX - optional layout id, like EN.

Ideal for fast switching between layouts, switch between layouts using swipe left/right or click "RU/EN" button.

After LONG KEY PRESS or repeatable press the appropriate key of RU/UK/BE layout keyboard showed all Ukrainian/Russian characters:
Г: ґ
І: ï ы (UK/BE only)*
Ы: і ï (RU only)*
Э: є (RU/BE only)*
Є: э (UK only)*

*UK layout activated with option "UK instead of RU"

*BE layout activated with both options "UK instead of RU" and "BE instead of UK".

After LONG KEY PRESS or repeatable press appropriate key of EN layout keyboard showed ALL accent LATIN characters (Icelandic, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Romanian, Italic, Scandinavian...)

A: ąäàáâăæǽãåǻā
C: čçćċĉ
D: ďđð
E: ęėëèéêěē
G: ġĝğģ
H: ĥħ
I į ı ì í î ï ĩ ī ij
J: ĵ
K: ĸķ
L: ł ĺ ŀ ľ ļ
N: ñńňņʼnŋ
O: öøǿœõòóőôō
R: ŕřŗ
S: ߧśŝšşș
R: ŕřŗ
T: ťţțþŧ
U: üųūũùúűŭûů
W: ŵ
Y: ýŷÿ
Z: žźż

NEW features:

*Enhanced layout: added smiles with pop-up

*Added option 'Next layout label':
if option deactivated showed current layout label RU/EN
otherwise showed label of next layout after button click EN/RU

*bigger buttons for pop-ups

*compact layout option added for portrait/landscape independently, also can be enabled separately for every layout , for portraits default

With aid of options can be switched different layouts, some of layout options behaves differently for portrait and landscape orientation.

Small buttons and some layout specific options active only if compact mode deactivated:

For deactivation of compact mode after activation
of 'Expert mode' please deactivate appropriate option "Enabled XX compact",
here XX layout name EN/DE/EL/RU/LT,

Compact mode can be turned of/on also with aid of orientation specific options
"Compact portrait"
/"Compact landscape"

Separately for RU keyboard implemented "5 rows mode" option, by default deactivated, this layout have one letter per key.

'Extended mode' for RU/UK/BE:
12 key per row, no more 2 letters per key

'5 rows mode' and 'Extended mode' can be disabled for landscape or portrait orientation separately with
deactivation of 'Enable 5 rows mode' and
'Enable extended mode' options

Following extra features implemented inside
"PRO keyboard on demand":

* Greek (EL) layout additionally
* Lithuanian QWERTY/Z(LT) layout additionally
* German QWERTZ/Y [with äöü] (DE) layout additionally

PLEASE NOTE: 'Simple Cyrillic keyboard on layout' as free application stays published with limited updates/support.

Updates and downloads will be continued inside paid application 'Russian keyboard on demand' with higher priority.

'Russian keyboard on demand' v2.9.4.47
have equivalent functionality to
'Simple Cyrillic keyboard on demand' v2.9.4.47

Last comments from Android Market

Lin (*****)
наконец то, простая и работающая клавиатура)

Dmitriy (****)
Good and simple app. But doesn't work with swipe. Please fix

Nick (****)
Simple, works fine. Great when you type in Russian occasionally

Jessica (*****)
Love this app. Still learning the language so the English directions are helpful.

Aleksey (*****)
работает очень хорошо, телефон droid x

Ryan (*****)
Best keyboard yet! I can't get the vibrate to work when I touch the buttons but they can fix it. . . I hope . . . Samsung vibrant w/gingerbread

Randal (*)
Nothing to do with QWERTY... sucks... can't read it....

Patrick (*****)
try to add arabic language too thanks

Lana (*****)
очень просто и хорошо работает на моем дроид х. Спасибо большое!

MiZz Badde$t (*)

Simple Cyrillic keyboard screenshot 1 Simple Cyrillic keyboard screenshot 2

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