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Screebl - Get Your Screen On! - 1.99 USD

by, Version: 2.7.3 , 269 KB  

Package name: com.keyes.screebl.full , Last Update: 2013-05-05 12:35:26

1783 ratings (4.430 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.7.3):

- Wording changes for tablets and other devices
- Socialization features
- Bug fixes: 271-06, 202-03


Get your Screen on! Screebl is an application that controls your screen based on orientation. It's better than SmartStay and it works on any phone, not just Samsung. Never have the screen turn off again while using your phone, and SAVE BATTERY too. It's possible with Screebl!

Screebl works based on a simple observation: we generally hold our phones or tablets in roughly the same positions when we're using them. Screebl uses the accelerometer in your mobile device to detect how you're holding your phone, and when your device is within a configurable range, the screen is kept on. Move out of that range, and Screebl releases the lock and the screen is allowed to go off. It sounds simple (and it is), but it works amazingly well!

How does Screebl save power? Well, it's simple. On most phones, the screen is the single largest consumer of battery power. With Screebl running you can reduce the average amount of time that your screen is on by only keeping it on when you're ACTUALLY using your phone. The amount of savings can vary significantly by device and usage patterns, but it is not uncommon for users to see savings of 20% or more. See our web site for more details.

"Screebl is ingenious..." --
"Screebl also helps you extend your battery life..." --
"Screebl is a far more effective way to utilize our screen timeouts..." -- Android
"Works out of the box..." --
"Screebl offers an intelligent solution to the problem of screen control..." --
"Excellent customization..." --

Pro-only Features:
- Locale 1.x Plug-ins
- Tasker integration
- Icon choice
- Better detection algorithms
- Screen timeout set from Screebl

Last comments from Android Market

Daniel (*****)
Just good overall. Droid 1

M Veronica (*****)
At first I didn't know if I really needed this, but now I don't know how I ever got along without it.

julian (****)
Didnt notice any extra battery life

Bill (****)

Jeff Ames (*****)
Works as advertized. Does save battery life.

Jeffrey (*****)
A perfect way to conserve your battery. Pick it up today.

LISA MARIE (*****)
This is BY FAR the most amazing app that solves the issues of keeping your screen on & saving battery. Developer rocks!

Sarreq (****)
very good, but it would be immensely useful if it would, after updating, reload and background validate itself

jeremy (**)
I tested for 4 weeks on 2 roms and the outcome was not good. 1 1/4 day standby/2 hours of heavy use. Waste of $2. Rather a Johny red.

Matt (*****)
Very helpful app advancing our already awesome Android OS devices. Set properly Screebl handles annoying screen closing while facilitating power mgt

Screebl - Get Your Screen On! screenshot 1 Screebl - Get Your Screen On! screenshot 2

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