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Rogue Trial - FREE

by Paul Klemstine, Version: 1.17 , 2145 KB  

Package name: com.klemstinegroup.roguetrial , Last Update: 2013-02-11 13:35:27

41 ratings (2.220 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads


Embark on a heroic journey into a world of monsters and magic with this engrossing fantasy game. Rogue features an intricate, randomly-generated world populated with dungeons, towns, mazes, and wilderness locations. Explore mountain ranges, grasslands, and delve deep into lava-filled dungeons.

Based on the early dungeon-crawling video game "Rogue" developed in the 80s, this particular incarnation of the game features the same classic action that gave rise to other popular titles in the roguelike genre such as NetHack, and Diablo.

- Turn-based role-playing adventure
- Unlimited areas to explore
- Randomly-generated world full of unique monsters and terrain
- 12 races and 13 professions
- Skills such as Pickpocket, Alchemy, and Trap Disarming
- Thousands of unique items including scrolls, potions, wands, runes, and other magical artifacts
- Automatic save, plus one other save slot. Losing everything when you die is terrible!

-You cannot attack friendly people unless you kick them first, and they really don't like that at all.
-If you kick down a door near by a friendly, they don't like that either.
-Save/Load is located at the bottom of the menu you get when you press the MENU button.
-You really should not try this on older devices. The game uses a lot of memory and power to keep track of the whole game world, so it can be sluggish on some older devices.
-The game is fully controlled by the touchscreen, but you can also use the directional pad to move around and the keyboard for commands.
-The tutorial dungeon is located just south of the inn that you see to the west of your starting position. Go west till you hit the door, then go south.
-Scroll to the right in your inventory menus to see more information such as weight of the item and where it is equipped.

Try out the game, you have 15 minutes to change your mind and cancel your purchase. Decide if you like it or not. Has ads, and pops up a screen to purchase the full version every five minutes.

Please leave comments about bugs that need fixing and areas you'd like me to improve.


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