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An2An Keyboard - 1.49 USD

by Locnet, Version: 1.2.3 , 77 KB

Package name: com.locnet.an2an , Last Update: 2012-11-28 11:10:54

29 ratings (4.379 average)

500-1,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.2.3):

IMPORTANT: Existing users please update app on both devices.

-[fix] Better hardware keyboard support in "Text Input Mode", please contact us if something is broken.
-[fix] Keep receiver device awake

- [new] Better text input support, user can go back to original raw key mode by turning off "Settings->Text Input Mode" if needed

- [new] Add WiFi connection


Redirect hardware/software keypress from one device to another device through Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing user to use an android device as the keyboard/gamepad of another android device. (Note: Only need to buy ONCE, you can install the app to multiple devices AFTER the purchase is settled)

It is highly recommended to test the compatibility with the demo version before purchase and please contact us for any problem (

Credit to Deen0X for the promotional video and tutorial:,125.0.html

- If you have a phone with physical keyboard or gamepad (e.g. Xperia Play), you don't need to buy separate input devices for your tablet.
- By using another device to input, screen is not blocked by onscreen keyboard and your finger so you get better view.
- Some keyboard/gamepad solution (e.g. Wiimote, Sixaxis)only work with certain types of device, this allows using a compatible device as a "bridge" so you can use those input solution with any device.
- Touchscreen handling consume CPU times, by sharing workload to another device you can get some speed improvement.

This app can work with most hardware keyboard/gamepad (e.g. dpad or Xperia Play buttons) and key-based software keyboard (e.g. our GameKeyboard app). At the moment it may not work with text-based software keyboard which directly manipulate input field text.

The following assume user wish to use a phone (transmitter device) as the keyboard of a tablet (receiver device).

Preparation (Only for the first time):
(Some procedures only applied to Bluetooth connection mode)
1. Pairing the 2 Android devices through Bluetooth, usually under system's Wireless and Network settings page.
2. Install this app to both devices. You can install the demo version on receiver device if you have problem installing this app to both devices.
3. On the receiver device, open "An2An Keyboard" app.
4. Select "Menu->Setup Receiver"
5. Follow instructions to activate the "An2An Receiver" soft keyboard

(Some procedures only applied to Bluetooth connection mode)
1. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
2. On the transmitter device
2a. Open "An2An Keyboard" app.
2b. Select "Menu->Start Transmitter", wait for the status on upper right changed to "waiting".
3. On the receiver device
3a. Make sure "An2An Receiver" is selected as the current input method.
3b. Call up "An2An Receiver" soft keyboard by any mean (e.g. tap on an input field, or holding "menu" key on some devices).
3c. Tap "Connect Transmitter" button.
3d. Select the transmitter device from the popup list.
4. Wait for connection establish. Depends on the hardware and signal quality you may need to retry several times. If you have connection problem, try restart bluetooth on both device and/or pairing the 2 device again.
5. On the transmitter device
5a. (Optional) Call up the desired soft keyboard if needed.
5b. (Optional) Better hide the input field by "Menu->Toggle Input Field".
6. Start using. If you have problem sending keypress, restart bluetooth and try again.

An2An Keyboard screenshot 1

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