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Make-feedback multi-site - FREE

by App-Make, Version: 1.9 , 759 KB  

Package name: com.make_feedback.corporate , Last Update: 2012-08-10 18:00:10

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What's new in this version (1.9):

Bug fixes

Using the Make-feedback website, you can now set a phone number in your account that will be alerted if one of your phones with the Make-feedback app receives a particular score. For example, this can be useful for business owners who want to know when they receive a low score.

Feedback can now be synced in the background. You can receive feedback and alerts without even having the app open.


Net Promoter is a customer feedback methodology (and a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix).

Make-Feedback Multi-Site allows you to operate this methodology via SMS messages. It allows you to receive scores from clients and also send SMS messages, thus initiate feedback from your clients. Make-feedback Multi-site offers you all the functionality from Make-feedback, with the addition of locations and groups.

Locations is a new feature that can help your business if it is made up of many branches or sites. The locations feature will allow you to create unique trigger words for each of your branches, so that you can monitor the net promoter scores of each branch individually. If your business is comprised of a significant number of branches, the Groups feature, will allow you to group your locations, making them easier to monitor.
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
The NPS can be calculated via The Ultimate Question.
The ‘ultimate question’ (UQ) is an established method of gaining feedback from clients. The UQ asks on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most likely) what are the chances the client will recommend the services received to a family member or friend.

If the client responds with a mark of 9 or 10 they are asked a subsequent question of what did we do well. Such respondents are called promoters.

If the client responds with a mark of 6 or below they can be asked the subsequent question of what one or two things can we do to improve. Such respondents are called detractors.
The NPS is used by a vast array of companies. They score their feedback responses and use it to establish growth of their company.
Depending on the score a respondent provides they are classified as follows:
0-6 = “Detractors”
7-8 = “Passives”
9-10 = “Promoters”
The net promoter is calculated by subtracting the percentage number of detractors from the percentage number of promoters.
So if 20 people give you a mark of 10 and 10 people give you a mark of 6 your NPS is calculated as follows:
Promoters calculation: 20/30 x 100 = 66.6%  (please note that 30 is the total number of feedbacks)
Detractors calculation: 10/30 = 33.3 = 33.3%
So the NPS is 66.6 – 33.3 = 33.3%
What to do with the NPS?
The idea of the NPS is to promote growth. The NPS can be used to measure the level of customer satisfaction and potential growth as well as a measure of achieved improvement (or vice versa).
There are many companies that can help organisations analyse results.
However at a basic level we think this could work:
Receive a score from a promoter and use the subsequent response to find out why you did well and then re-inforce this methodology.
Receive a score from detractor and use the subsequent response to find out where you need to improve and then make change to your customer service. Once you fix the issue, e.g the phone takes ages to be answered, your promoter score will rise and in turn your growth.
The Make-Feedback Multi-Site App
We recommend you do this:
Set up a trigger word for a branch of your business.
Display your mobile number to your clients and ask them to text your number the unique trigger word you have set for that branch. This starts the feedback process.
Note once the feedback process is started, the user will receive an SMS asking for a score, another SMS asking why the client gave the score and they will then receive a thank you SMS.
To initiate the feedback process you can send an SMS asking if they are willing to participate. If they

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