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台湾旅行地图 - 加油站,观光饭店旅馆,餐厅,医院,租车搜寻 image

台湾旅行地图 - 加油站,观光饭店旅馆,餐厅,医院,租车搜寻 - FREE

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Taiwan Travel Map - gas stations, tourist hotels hotels, restaurants, hospitals, car rental search

provides you all the gas stations in Taiwan hotels and tourist hotels and restaurants and car rental information with hospitals and clinics, including address / phone / map queries, so you go out When traveling abroad, will not have to worry about, especially the self-traveling family, or strangers in a strange Taiwan on business, are all good little helper. gas station information to "Petroleum filling station" and "Formosa gas station," which, among Petroleum gas station about two thousand, Formosa Plastics gas station nearly six hundred. Tourist Hotel hotel information, a total of 116, mainly in the Ministry of Transportation Tourism Bureau registered the "international tourist hotels." "general tourist hotels," which, again with some of my travel business hotel frequented Contains Howard / Evergreen / Classic / Grand Hyatt / Ambassador / Regent / Fullon / Lai / Sheraton / Westin .. . etc. restaurant information, a total of 221, including Japanese cuisine / hot pot / Taiwanese cuisine meals / Hakka dishes / Western / View Restaurant / Ding King / Sai / Shin Yeh / Din Tai Fung ... etc. The car rental industry information, a total of 104, mainly by the Tourism Bureau Ministry of Transportation Web site provides the car rental industry dominated. include car rental and transportation / car rental on the grid / Pony Car / Orix Car ... etc. The information between hospitals and clinics, a total of 487 , most of them are there by the government evaluation (100 in Q1 also effective) in the hospital. remind you: gas stations or other businesses such as address, via google map into latitude and longitude coordinates, the position will inevitably be a little in the errors, or the gas stations or other businesses may have moved but are not yet updated, if you are not familiar with that 地点 We recommend you confirm the call in order to avoid Baipaoyitang cause your loss. Second in this APP provides hospital and clinics, even accredited by the government, it does not warrant medical skills, it is recommended you make a pre-treatment, more and more careful assessment of their own. so as not to cause your loss. carrying any goods or services before making a purchase, consumers should to assess the reasonableness of the fees or service, if any consumer disputes, we recommend that you contact the Consumer Protection Commission / Consumer's Foundation and other agencies.

台湾旅行地图 - 加油站,观光饭店旅馆,餐厅,医院,租车搜寻

提供您 全台湾地区的 加油站 与 观光饭店旅馆 与 餐厅 与 租车 与 医院诊所 的信息 , 包含 地址/电话/地图查询 , 让您出门在外旅游时 , 不会有后顾之忧 , 特别是全家人自助旅行 , 或是在人生地不熟的台湾进行商务出差 , 都是很好的小帮手 .

加油站的信息 , 以 "中油加油站" 与 "台塑加油站" 为主 , 其中中油加油站约两千家 , 台塑加油站将近六百家 .

酒店观光饭店旅馆的信息 , 共有116家 , 主要以交通部观光局登记的 "国际观光旅馆" 与 "一般观光旅馆" 为主 , 再搭配一些本人出差常去的商务旅馆 . 包含 福华/长荣/老爷/君悦/国宾/晶华/福容/汉来/喜来登/六福皇宫...等 .

餐厅的信息 , 共221家 , 包含 日本料理/麻辣锅/台菜餐/客家菜/西餐/景观餐厅/鼎王/西堤/欣叶/鼎泰丰...等 .

租车业者的信息 , 共有104家 , 主要依交通部观光局网站提供的租车业者为主 . 包含 和运租车/格上租车/小马租车/欧力士租车...等 .

医院与诊所的信息 , 共有487家 , 大部分都是有通过政府评鉴(在100年Q1还有效)的医院 .

加油站或其他商家等的地址,经由 google map 转换成经纬度坐标之后,在位置上难免会有些许的误差,或者该加油站或其他商家可能已搬迁但数据尚未更新,如果您对该地点不熟悉,建议您先打电话确认,以免白跑一趟造成您的损失.


台湾旅行地图 - 加油站,观光饭店旅馆,餐厅,医院,租车搜寻 screenshot 1

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