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US Army Sniper Training Manual - 1.99 USD

by milodroid, Version: 1.0 , 4841 KB  

Package name: com.milodroid.sniperpro , Last Update: 2013-02-08 07:50:30

49 ratings (4.694 average)

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Put the entire U.S. Army Sniper Training Manual on your phone, without ads. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 and up. Based on the U.S Army Sniper Training Manual FM 23-10

Table of Contents


-Personnel Selection Criteria
-Sniper and Observer Responsibilities
-Team Firing Techniques

I - M24 Sniper Weapon System
-Operations and Functions
-Care and Maintenance
-Loading and Unloading
II - Ammunition
-Types and Characteristic
-Round-Count Book
-M24 Malfunctions and Corrections
III - Sniper Sighting Devices
-M3A Scope
-Iron Sights
IV - Other Equipment
-M16A1/A2 Rifle with M203 Grenade Launcher
-Image Intensification and Infrared Devices
-M49 Observation Telescope
-M19 Binoculars
-M22 Binoculars
-Other Sniper Equipment
V - Communications Equipment
-AN/PRC-77 Radio
-AN/PRC-104A Radio Transceiver
-AN/PRC-119 Radio

I - Fundamentals
-Steady Position Elements
-Breath Control
-Trigger Control
-Calling the Shot
-Integrated Act of Firing
II - Ballistics
-Types of Ballistics
-Effects on Trajectory
-Angle Firing
III - Effects of Weather
-Wind Classification
-Wind Velocity
-Conversion of Wind Velocity to Minutes of Angle
-Effects of Light
-Effects of Temperature
-Effects of Humidity
IV - Sniper Data Book
V - Holdoff
VI - Engagement of Moving Targets
-Common Errors
-Calculation of Leads
Section VII - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
-Protective Mask
-Mission-Oriented Protection Posture

I - Camouflage
-Target Indicators
-Basic Methods
-Types of Camouflage
-Ghillie Suit
-Field-Expedient Camouflage
-Cover and Concealment
II - Movement
-Rules of Movement
-Individual Movement Techniques
-Sniper Team Movement and Navigation
III - Selection, Occupation, and Construction of Sniper Positions
-Positions in Urban Terrain
IV - Observation
-Hasty and Detailed Searches
-Elements of Observation
-Twilight Techniques
-Night Techniques
-Illumination Aids
V - Target Detection and Selection
-Target Indexing
-Target Selection
-Key Target
VI - Range Estimation
-Factors Affecting Range Estimation
-Range Estimation Methods
-Laser Range Finder
-Estimation Guidelines
VII - Information Records
-Range Card
-Military Sketch
-Sniper Data Book

I - Planning and Coordination
-Mission Alert
-Warning Order
-Tentative Plan
-Coordination Checklists
-Completion of Plan
-Operation Order
-Equipment Check
-Final Inspection
-Final Preparations
-Preparation of Debriefing
-Countersniper Operation
-Reaction to Enemy Sniper Fire
II - Mission Packing Lists
-Arms and Ammunition
-Special Equipment
-Uniforms and Equipment
-Optional Equipment
-Special Tools and Equipment (MOUT)
-Additional Equipment Transport

I - Insertion
-Planning Insertion
-Air Insertion
-Amphibious Insertion
-Land Insertion
-Vehicle Insertion
II - Execution
-Movement to Target Area
-Occupation of Position
-Site Selection
-Movement to Extraction

Last comments from Android Market

aren (*****)
This is a great manual about Army snipers.

v (*****)
Отличная инструкция.рекомендую всем .

Lovell (*****)
Bless you Milodroid! ...Chappy

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