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Graphing Calculator - MathPac - 9.99 USD

by, Version: 8.7.4 , 2432 KB  

Package name: com.mobilecaltronics.calculator.mathapp , Last Update: 2012-10-21 13:23:02

160 ratings (4.481 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (8.7.4):

v8.5.1 corrected calculator display
v8.5.2 - v8.5.4 adjustments to internal function compiler
v8.5.5 adjustments to internal function compiler that corrects issue with DEGREES Trig multiplications
v8.6 added Powers option to Matrix Calculations
v8.7 Comprehensive Compiler upgrade, added FLING -TableView, corrected several graphing issues (with new compiler code)
v8.7.2 corrected copy/paste in calculato


Graphing Calculator Application -
MathPac offers Precision, Accuracy and Affordability for your Android Device.
A few of the key features of our graphing calculator:
On-Screen Help, & Word prompts...Graphs w/Evaluate, Pinch/Zoom, Pan, Trace, Min, Max, Intercepts, Intersections, Zeros, Tableview, dy/dx, Graph of Tangent Line, Limits, & Integrals
Factors, Slope-EQ, Sequences, Sums, Matrix Operations, Dot Products, Cross Products, 11-Regressions, Complex numbers, Degrees & Radians, a TVM Solver for those business applications, and of course a full function Scientific Calculator with Complex number operations returned in Standard form!

We are constantly updating and improving our APPs.

If you find any issue with my Applications please contact me personally and allow me time to correct or adjust the issue. If a remedy cannot be found within 1 day or if you just want your money back I will gladly refund your entire purchase price. I want to provide a great utility that serves your needs and one that you are happy with!

Recently, comments have shown up stating my apps need internet connection to work or that the APPs are a waste of money. They even go so far as to imply that I have with-held a refund. It is not true! While the comments look legitimate, they are not left by real consumers. I am a full-time professor, and I am not trying to "scam" anyone or force my Apps on anyone. Furthermore; ALL Authentication of APPs sold by Android Market is done by Android Market. There is no Developer Authentication! Android Market has complete control! I am trying to provide an alternative to spending $125.00+ for a handheld graphing calculator. I do have a refund policy: If for ANY REASON you are unhappy with my app I will gladly request a full refund from Android Market and refund your money!
Just ask!

Last comments from Android Market

cody (****)
Good program, needs ability to graph polar coordinates

William (*****)
Outstanding product and equally outstanding response to support requests and questions

Monte (****)
How do you calculate derivatives

Steve (*****)
Best calculator on the market, responds quickly to emails and usually with an update not too far behind :)

Hailee (*****)
Awesome! I just wish i knew how to use the "Math" function set up like an actual graphing calculator (or have one added)! Love it otherwise!

Alan (*****)
A very good application that the author always updating, excellent.

Darren (****)
Im downloading the update now. Let's hope for augmented matrix support! I find having to creates separate matrix for answers to be kind of tedious.

Tom (*****)
Best calculator app for android and keeps getting better. Developer is very open to suggestions.

yasiel (*****)
It seems to me that is very good... i'm waiting just to try it out in my next calculus test.

Chris (*****)
PERFECT APP! Does everything and more! Perfect for college math!! DX

Graphing Calculator - MathPac screenshot 1

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