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Islam in Brief - FREE

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Fog is Lifting - Part I - Islam In Brief

Unreliable sources have made Islam by far the most misunderstood religion in the world.

The Fog is Lifting is a series of documentaries that challenges your knowledge about the Islamic faith and traditions.

In this app. titled Islam in Brief - the first part of The Fog is Lifting- you will learn in 74 minutes more information than what you can acquire in 74 days of reading.

For the viewer’s convenience, the Film consists of ten chapters; each one deals with one or more specific concept, belief or ritual, even though it is recommended to watch the chapters in order.

Chapter One: The Meaning of Islam; An explanation of the meaning of the word Islam linguistically and idiomatically, and explains why the word Muslim in Arabic doesn’t mean literally a follower of Prophet Muhammad.

Chapter Two: Does God exist? Challenging Atheism and proving the concept of Intelligent Design, as well as comparing the words of Philosophers with the words of the Quran.

Chapter Three: Islamic Perspectives; Some Muslim parents tried to force their Jewish sons to convert to Islam, what was the position of the Quran? In this Chapter there is an explanation of the Islamic perception on Original Goodness, Freedom of Choice and equality.

The Six Beliefs

Chapter Four: Islamic Beliefs 1; Is Allah the God of Muslims alone? Or Is Allah the God of non Muslims like Jews and Christians as well?

Chapter Five: Islamic Beliefs 2; an explanation of the Muslim’s beliefs in the Angels, and the Scriptures of God, including the Quranic position from the Torah and the Gospel, you will also listen to the Quran recited in Arabic.

Chapter Six: Islam and Science; an amazing presentation of the position of science in Islam, and of few scientific miracles of the Quran.

Chapter Seven: Islamic Beliefs 3; what do Muslims believe about messengers, about Jesus Christ and about Muhammad?

Chapter Eight: Islamic Beliefs 4; an explanation of the Islamic Beliefs on resurrection and on Divine Destiny.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Chapter Nine: Pillars of Islam 1; an explanation of the real meanings of the Shahada (testimony of faith), and the ways of communication with Allah.

Chapter Ten: Pillars of Islam 2; how much do Muslims pay as a financial obligation and to whom? What makes a Muslim fasts and abstain from the lawful including eating and drinking for about 15 hours a day in Ramadan, The power of Hajj (Pilgrimage) in changing people highlighting the experience of Malcolm X.

Note: To play all these series of videos you should have high speed 3G / wifi connection.

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