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Under the Sea Free - FREE

by, Version: 1.0.5 , 5307 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2013-02-27 08:10:37

93 ratings (3.559 average)

50,000-250,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.0.5):

-Added new languages
-Squashed some bugs on HTC phones.


A visually stunning wallpaper app that makes it easy to scroll through incredible underwater photographs and set them as your wallpaper with a push of a button. Very easy to use, and it has a neat sound effect of breathing underwater which almost makes you feel like you are there.

Look into the underwater world with professional underwater photographer Cedar Stark.

Photos are from various top cold and warm water dive destinations such as Alaska, British Columbia, Bahamas, and Mexico.

You can easily set beautiful photos of SHARKS, OCTOPUS, ANEMONES, INVERTEBRATES, MORE SHARKS, CORAL, SEA STARS, COLORFUL FISH as your background with a simple push of a button.

The free version has a few non-invasive adds that help support the photographer, so don't forget to click on them if you want:)

If you like it, please help the photographer go capture more images by buying the pro version for only 99 cents and get over 50 high-quality images with no adds!!!!

Each image has a caption when you tap on it that describes the photograph and where it is from.

Image captions:

A lingcod hides amongst the invertebrates in Southeast Alaska

A pair of french angelfish protect their nest in the Bahamas

A rose anemone makes its home in the waters of Southeast Alaska

A rose anemone makes its home in the waters of Southeast Alaska SCUBA diving

A juvenile anemone grows up in British Coumbia

An anemone-encrusted scallop opens to feed in British Columbia

A strawberry anemone in British Columbia

A barnacle encrusted in invertebrates and bryozoans in British Columbia

A brooding anemone hangs out on some kelp in British Columbia

A rough file clam has found a protected nook in the Bahamas

A banded coral shrimp sits ready at a cleaning station in the Bahamas

A barnacle feeds in Southeast Alaska

A basket star sits on a rock wall in Southeast Alaska

A blue tang sits on a reef in the Bahamas

A large brain coral and diver in the Bahamas

A Caribbean reef shark in the Bahamas while scuba diving

A Caribbean reef shark on the prowl in the Bahamas

A china rockfish sits in wait in Southeast Alaska

Christmas anemones on a rock wall in Southeast Alaska SCUBA diving

A decorator crab hides among short plumose anemones in Southeast Alaska

An opalescent sea slug feeds on a bryozoan near Vancouver Island

A white-lined dirona in Southeast Alaska

Tube worms filter-feed in the Bahamas

A fish-eating anemone waits for lunch in Southeast Alaska

A painted anemone sits in the darkness in Southeast Alaska

A strawberry anemone in British Columbia

A flamingo tongue snail feeds on a coral whip in the Bahamas

A fried-egg jellyfish feasts in British Columbia SCUBA

A pacific octopus rests in a crack on a wall in British Columbia

Gooseneck barnacles grow big in the productive waters of British Columbia

A goliath group poses for the camera in the Bahamas

A female parrot fish and a school of yellow goatfish cruise the reef in the Bahamas

A hawksbill turtle looking for a snack in the Bahamas

A hermit crab hides amongst some gooseneck barnacles in the Bahamas

Herring spawn on eelgrass in the morning sunlight at low-tide in Southeast Alaska

A lingcod perches on a rock in British Columbia

Kelp growing up into the sunlight in Southeast Alaska SCUBA diving

Moon jellyfish aggregate to spawn in British Columbia

A moray eel sneaks a peak in the Bahamas

A giant pacific octopus getting ready to feed on shrimp in Southeast Alaska

An orange peel nudibranch feeds on a sponge in British Columbia

A yellow grunt hangs out by some pillar coral in the Bahamas

An orange anemone filter feeds in British Columbia

Short plumose anemones filter feed in Southeast Alaska

A great white shark lurks in the shadows in Guadalupe, Mexico

A sponge wi

Last comments from Android Market

Ange (***)
You get 7 images available for free. They are very nice though.

akbrant (*****)
The Pictures are fantastic! As an photographer its nice to see other making some $$ from android. It also cool to see some cold water fish, something most under water photo are missing. In fact I would say cold water dive pic

Jessica (*)
This app sucks

Phyllis (*****)
Nice app

Tia (***)

BJ (*****)

jamie (*****)
I'm proud to support an artist. Keep the pictures coming!

Chris (*)
Crap! Uninstalled.You get two choices,then they tease you with looking at the pictures, but not being able to get them,as you scroll, It says BUY NOW!

andrew (*****)
Im in love with these pictures thanks for shareing

hiroshi (*)
Crap, uninstall!

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