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Punctuation & Capitalization - 1.49 USD

by phoneflips, Version: 2.1 , 1837 KB  

Package name: com.phoneflips.punctandcap , Last Update: 2012-12-11 15:48:53

7 ratings (4.714 average)

500-1,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.1):

- Support for SD card


** A GREAT mobile reference guide with well over 400 examples! **

Mistakes in grammar or punctuation can be annoying to a reader and quickly draws attention away from what is being written. These types of mistakes cause the reader to focus on the grammar instead of what is being communicated, leads them to question on how well educated the person is, and significantly reduces the impact of your message.

Proper grammar and punctuation not only helps you control the flow of writing, but also helps to accurately and effectively convey your message in the best possible way.

For decades we have been delivering content that is concise, relevant, easy to follow and best of all easy to understand. The 'Punctuation & Capitalization' guide is used by academics, writers, and teachers around the world and is one of the most comprehensive and complete guides available today. Everything you need in one download!

Topics include:

1. Punctuation Marks
2. Periods - Abbreviations
3. Periods - Initials & Outlines
4. Commas - Item Series
5. Commas - Appositive & Direct Address
6. Commas - Introductory Expressions
7. Commas - Introductory Expressions (contd.)
8. Commas - Dependent Clauses
9. Commas - Parenthetical Expressions
10. Commas - Main Clause / Sentence
11. Commas - Parallel Adjectives
12. Commas - Direct Quotations
13. Commas - Certain Parts of Letters
14. Commas - Certain Parts of Letters (contd.)
15. Semicolon - Compound Sentences
16. Semicolon - Transitional Expressions (Conjunctions/Adverbs)
17. Semicolon - Item Series
18. Semicolon - Common Uses
19. Quotation Marks - Direct Quotations
20. Quotation Marks - Indirect Quotations
21. Quotation Marks - Special Sense
22. Quotation Marks - Titles
23. Quotation Marks - Punctuation
24. Quotation Marks - Exclamation
25. Apostrophe – Contractions
26. Apostrophe – Possession
27. Apostrophe – Possession (contd.)
28. Apostrophe – Possession (contd.)
29. Hyphen – Compound Words
30. Hyphen – Compound Words (contd.)
31. Hyphen – Other Uses
32. Dash – Break
33. Dash – Emphasis / Credit
34. Parentheses – Extra Information
35. Parentheses – Numbers / References
36. Capitals – First Words
37. Capitalize – Titles
38. Capitalize – Initials of Persons
39. Capitalize – Group Names
40. Capitalize – Specific Places
41. Capitalize – Courses, Degrees
42. Capitalize – Notable Things
43. Numbers as Words
44. Numbers as Figures
45. Numbers as Figures (contd.)
46. Punctuation Marks Summary

Like all our 'phoneflips', this is a lightweight application that has NO ADS, NEVER needs an internet connection, and won't take up much space on your phone. Portrait & Landscape mode is also supported.

Thank you!

For hard copy versions of this product, or some old-fashioned exercise books at great old-fashioned pricing, visit our store at:

Last comments from Android Market

Archibrett (*****)
Excellent application. Comprehensive grammar and punctuation reference that is fast and easy to use. Dont make an error again!

LoKi (*****)
Amazing reference! Well worth the money! Definitely the best grammar application on the market!

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