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Smart Ring PRO - 4.99 USD

by PocketX Software Inc., Version: 2.12 , 375 KB  

Package name: com.pocketx , Last Update: 2012-11-08 11:08:44

40 ratings (3.575 average)

500-1,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.12):

Version 2.12:
- Various user interface and graphical updates
- Enhancements for Temporary Profiles

Version 2.10:
- New Icon - Find and open Smart Ring PRO faster
- Interface enhancements for Profile Picker
- Enhancements for contact group support
- Call Filter - Loud Ring is now an individual filter option
- Help and Support page is now fully integrated
- Updated Users Guide, Quick Start guide
- Other minor enhancem


Take control of calls and ring tones. Adapt your phone to your work and life (TM).

An invaluable tool for the mobile professional, Smart Ring PRO adapts your phone's ring tones to your busy schedule and enables complete privacy with Advanced Call Filtering, Automatic and Timed Temporary Profiles.
Quickly control ringtone and SMS tone volume and easily switch your phone to be Silent or Loud for a specific amount of time. Sleep undisturbed at night allowing only your Family to call. Quickly switch your phone to Reject All calls, Reject Unknown callers, or your ring tone to Loud, Silent, Quiet, Meeting or enable custom Call Blocking with one tap!

Adapt your phone to your work and life (TM).

- Profiles control ring tone and SMS/Email tone volume
- Quick Profile Switching
- Advanced Call Blocking and Filtering
- Automatic Profiles with Scheduler
- Temporary Profiles
- Contact integration with category support
- Small, easy to use profile picker Widget

User Documentation:
<a href="">Quick Start Guide</a>
<a href="">Visual Users' Guide</a>

Overview of Features:


With a tap of your finger, easily switch your phone to Loud, Quiet, Silent, Vibrate and enable Call Blocking profiles such as Family Only, Reject All, Reject Unknown or one of your own profiles. Quickly enable Temporary Profiles such as "Silent for 2 hours" when in the movie theater, "Meeting for 30 minutes", etc.


Complete Privacy - Automatically block unwanted callers including Unknown and Private numbers. Fully integrated Call Filter allows you to specify the following settings to incoming calls per contact, per contact category or as a global setting:
- Reject: The call is automatically rejected and the caller is sent to Voicemail
- Silent: The call is permitted to come through but the ring is silent
- Vibrate: The call is permitted to come through with vibrate
- Bypass: The call is allowed to bypass the call filter in case of a global block
- Hangup: Experimental Feature at this time


Easily create a schedule that automatically changes profiles and enables call blocking based on hours of day and days of week. Your phone can now be automatically silent at night allowing only family members to call, quiet when you're at the office, and loud when you are commuting.


Easily switch to a certain profile temporarily (silent for 2 hours when in a cinema for example), automatically
switching back after the time passes.


User interface designed for simplicity and ease of use.

- - - - - -
Copyright 2003-2012 PocketX Software Inc. Smart Ring PRO is a trademark of PocketX Software Inc.

Last comments from Android Market

ChrisB (*****)
I'm really glad I persevered with this app. The updates have been great. It is such a good app. Thank You!

cyf_jsce (*)
Comparing to windows mobile version this one is disappointed. Always having problems switching profiles automaticly. Have to improve it.

Cory (*)
This was great at first... untill it started silencing at night and not changing in the mornings. It also let's texts through which really sucks.

Evan (*)
Does not work reliably. I don't usually post comments but this app was definitely not worth the money or effort to try to configure.

Christopher (*)
Doesn't work on HTC Desire. Calls still get through.

Mike Ratcliffe (*)
Randomly silenced my Desire HD so I kept missing calls! It also BROKE the vibrate function on my phone.

Kim (**)
Worked for a day or so but then calls got through. Tired of paying for useless apps looking for something my blackberry did for free

Michele (*)
Doesn't work

B (*****)
Works well, I set up an automatic profile to silence the phone at night. Blocks calls nicely on my Evo.

Mark (*****)
Once I figured out that you use the widget to activate the profiles you create and schedule it works fantastically. A user guide would be helpful.

Smart Ring PRO screenshot 1 Smart Ring PRO screenshot 2

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