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ATHF Soundboard - 0.99 USD

by rofl newb creations, Version: 14 , 7609 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-07-10 05:42:09

214 ratings (4.584 average)

5,000-10,000 downloads

What's new in this version (14):

- Updated SDK to 3.0
- Prevention for a few rare crashes
- More quotes!

S01E01: Meat Bridge
S01E05: Can Opener

S01E04: Ego Satisfied
S01E04: Wet Towel

Random (Plutonians):
S03E02: Your Finger
Film: Make Out Hard


Introducing the greatest ever Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundboard!

- 100+ Of the best quotes from Adult Swim's ATHF.
- All quotes are nicely organized by character.
- Long click to save as ringtone, or view episode info.
- Made using Adobe Soundbooth.



Season 1:
E01 - Meat Bridge
E04 - Tore Up
E05 - Can Opener
E05 - Do What Now?
E05 - Popsicle
E06 - Gasoline
E07 - Real Dolls
E08 - Ten Speed
E08 - White Boy
E12 - Sasquatch
E13 - Igloo

Season 2:
E01 - Hurt Once
E09 - Adult Glass
E12 - Fart It Is
E12 - Fudge You
E15 - Angry
E16 - Had An Axe
E17 - Move Your Van
E18 - Pressure Washin'
E19 - Sheetrock
E21 - Ain't American
E21 - Ate Butter
E23 - Business

Season 3:
E01 - Burned
E01 - Sister's Baby
E02 - Where's The Dip?
E04 - Ice Cream
E05 - E-Booger
E07 - Play With Matches
E08 - Lunar Sceptre
E08 - That's Right

Season 4:
E01 - Hell Well
E01 - Remove The Chain
E02 - Featherin'
E12 - Chess Dragon
E13 - Carl Wash


Master Shake:

Season 1:
E01 - Displeasing
E02 - Yo-yo's
E04 - Rip It Off
E09 - I Like Beatings
E15 - Metallica
E15 - Plaque
E16 - PDA
E17 - Co-Fiance

Season 2:
E01 - Deep Kiss
E08 - Anger God
E08 - Seen Movies
E09 - Banana Man
E12 - Kill It
E12 - Mail Call
E14 - Birth w/o Death
E15 - A-Bomb
E15 - Women
E16 - Beware
E16 - GI Joes
E16 - Taxes
E17 - Were REd
E22 - Chicken Ball

Season 3:
E01 - Become The Dead
E02 - Toys
E06 - Dracula

Season 4:
E01 - Change It
E12 - Get In That Net
E12 - Punish Supermodels

Season 5:
E09 - Futurama
E09 - Master Shirt



Season 1:
E04 - Third Dimension
E04 - Key Car
E04 - Nerds
E04 - Quad Laser
E04 - The Bird
E04 - Whatever We Want
E04 - Ego Satisfied
E04 - Wet Towel
E08 - Smuggling
E08 - Religion
E08 - Sodomize
E08 - The Innocent

Season 2:
E24 - Dumb Question
E24 - Here I Am

Season 3:
E02 - Moonin' Us
E03 - Transmitting Rage
E03 - Since Tucson
E04 - Err's Laugh

Season 4:
E03a - Liability
E09 - Poisonous Tire



Season 1:
E01 - My Car
E03 - Pissing Me Off
E04 - Moon Rules
E05 - My Pool
E06 - Iron It Out
E08 - How To Rock
E09 - I Like Candy

Season 2:
E03 - Live Next To
E10 - Dingbat!
E20 - Congo
E20 - Stand And Deliver
E21 - Kidding Me

Season 3:
E01 - Shake Stew
E04 - Start A Zoo

Season 4:
E05 - Spaghetti
E12 - Daddy?



Season 1:
E01 - Greasy Dance
E05 - Potatoes
E06 - Jello
E07 - Dog Crap
E07 - Truck Grill

Season 2:
E18 - Been Bad

Season 3:
E07 - Liquified

Season 4:
E08 - Tap Water



Season 1:
E10 - Got A Problem?
E10 - Jigglin'
E10 - Not Ever
E13 - Stack The Boxes
E13 - Curse, Curse!
E16 - Bruce Willis

Last comments from Android Market

Mason (*****)
Amazing! Great sound great clips. Definitely worth the .99 cents

Michael (*****)
F#cking great!!!!!!!

andrea (*****)
Awesome app. Great sound quality. Dev responds quickly and adds great quotes!

ike (*****)
omg, awesome.

Michelle (*****)
This has to be the greatest app ever!! I love ATHF

Billy (**)
I don't understand whats so great about it. Their are not very many good quotes at all.

william (*****)
Frekin' awesome. This Dev don't need to be told how to rock!

Jonathan (*****)
You sir are amazing! This is the greatest thing ever. Please more Master Shake!

Justin (*****)
Absolutely love the soundboard but I need more meatwad quotes!!!! Keep up the good work

Darryl (****)
Volume lowers when set as notification. Would like to have more sounds from season 2, This makes me want to make a similar board with more sounds.

ATHF Soundboard screenshot 1 ATHF Soundboard screenshot 2

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