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1861 Dec Am Civil War Gazette - 0.99 USD

by Vinyard Studios, Version: 1.7 , 5495 KB  

Package name: com.rvinyard.acwgazette.y1861.m12 , Last Update: 2012-04-16 20:04:01

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What's new in this version (1.7):

Added more articles.

Total articles for December 1861: 3456


The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition.

In addition to this app you need the FREE American Civil War Gazette app.

Once installed, open the American Civil War Gazette app, and from the article list simply browse to any date in December 1861 after that date's 150th Anniversary.

Highlights of the December 1861 Edition:
- Battle at Newmarket Bridge
- Battle at Dranesville
- Battle of Allegheny Mountain
- Battle of Green River, Ky.
- Battle of Woodville
- Battle of Mount Zion
- Battle of Sacramento, Ky. (Nathan Bedford Forrest's first fight)
- Siege of Matamoros
- Rift between U.S. and England resulting from Mason-Slidell (Trent) affair escalates
- The Tower of London receives orders from the War Office to prepare for war
- Due to the San Jacinto (Mason/Slidell) affair Britain details three Men-of-War vessels to escort mail steamers
- England threatens war over the San Jacinto affair
- Militia called out in Canada; approximately five-hundred batallions of thirty to forty thousand troops
- Death of Prince Albert, Queen Consort of Victoria
- 37th Congress of the United States
- Proposed emancipation in West Virginia
- Iron-clad Merrimac deemed "to be a complete failure" by North
- Name of the new state changed from "Kanawha" to "Western Virginia"
- President Lincoln's Address to Congress
- Report of the Secretary of the Navy (Welles) to the President
- Report of the Secretary of War (Cameron) to the President
- "Parson Brownlow" commands an army in East Tennessee and burns numerous bridges
- Parson Brownlow denies burning bridges and urges peace
- Major Lyon's Rocket Batallion "furnished with a newly-invented rocket-gun"
- Kentucky admitted to C.S.A.
- Gen. Sherman put on leave due to break-down
- Charleston, South Carolina on fire
- Anniversary of the secession of South Carolina
- Review of Gregory's publication of Dicken's Christmas Stories describing the publication as "green vellum volumes before us would blend charmingly with the foliage of a Christmas tree" and the stories "are quite as familiar to all good Christians as plum puddings."
- Grant placed in command at Cairo
- Mount Vesuvius erupts
- Federal War-Ship Iroquois, in pursuit of the Sumter, fires on an armed French Frigate. U.S. Apologizes. France accepts apology.

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