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RUP Record - 4.99 USD

by Sheridan Programmers Guild, Version: 1.2.0 , 335 KB  

Package name: com.sherprog.rupware.ruprecord , Last Update: 2012-07-11 15:23:42

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What's new in this version (1.2.0):

* Moved to a new faster email service provider.
* Added a ‘Tips’ section providing useful information like wind speed estimation, and sprayer calibration techniques.


RUP Record helps private pesticide applicators comply with the record-keeping requirements of the federal regulations on restricted-use pesticides (RUP). Failure to comply with these regulations can result in civil penalties of $500 or more.

Your phone provides the date, time, and location information. RUP Record remembers your name and applicator id. All you do out in the field is fill in a simple form with the application-specific data. The resulting record, which meets the USDA requirements, is then emailed to you. Print it out, drop it into a file folder, and you’ve complied with the regulation that the information be on file within 14 days and be kept for at least two years.

Use RUPRecord for keeping track of both spot and area applications. It remembers the names and ids of the restricted-use pesticides you’ve applied, making it even easier to record additional applications from the same container.

If you don’t have cell phone service out in the field, no problem. The app stores the email in its own outbox, waits until you get in range of a cell phone tower, and then transmits the record.

Please note that your state may have its own record-keeping requirements that exceed those of the USDA and, if so, you are fully responsible for meeting those requirements. We do provide a Notes field that may allow you to enter the extra data required but it is up to you to determine if the resulting record does, in fact, meet all applicable standards.

Note also that this app is only intended for use by private applicators. It does not meet the USDA RUP record-keeping requirements for commercial applicators. Nor is it intended to generate records that satisfy state or federal worker protection standards (WPS).

If you have problems, questions, or suggestions (and, particularly, if you are looking for an app for commercial applicators) please email us at

If you are involved in educating or regulating private pesticide applicators and you would like to receive a free review/demo copy of this app, please email your request to us at

Recent Update Summary:

*Fixed a small bug in the “About” button in the outbox’s menu.

*Messages that have not been sent will automatically be retried when the phone now reboots.
*Removed the move to SD Card capability; conflicts with the new automatic retry feature.
*Fixed some odd behavior with the outbox layout.

*Fixed a small bug that was causing the Retry and Resend all buttons to remain visible when they shouldn’t be.

*Added an outbox that will automatically retry sending emails until successful. This means that you can use the product in field locations where you don’t have cell phone service! The records are just queued up on the phone and emailed later when you get back into cell tower range.
*Added Move to SD Card capability.
*Improved ‘Preferences’ interface; should make it easier to set up the app initially and to change settings as needed.

* Clarified disclaimer text based on feedback we've gotten from early users.

* Initial version with special early access pricing.

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