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by Sisedi media, Version: 2.0.3 , 946 KB  

Package name: com.sisedi.notififree , Last Update: 2012-09-23 16:18:34

106 ratings (3.557 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.0.3):

If you're upgrading, I recommend backing up NOTIFi using an application back-up tool before proceeding with this upgrade. It is a significant change from the previous version.

*** 2.0.1 ***
- Shrunk the view a little bit, it's more like a pop-up now
- Forgot to add One-Click Finish to 2.0, whoops! It's here now
- Fixed Widget adding

*** 2.0.2 *&#


NOTIFi is a power management application launchable from the status bar as well as long search press.


^^^^ ATTENTION ^^^^

NOTIFi is moving into 2.0. It has been redesigned from the ground up and features a new interface as well as many new features.

All existing NOTIFi users may wish to back up their current copies of NOTIFi before upgrading.

^^^^ ATTENTION ^^^^

Organize quickly accessible shortcuts into tabs, choose from the following:

- 4G (HTC)
- Airplane Mode
- Audio profile
- Auto Rotate
- Auto Sync
- Bluetooth
- Brightness
- Data
- Screen Timeout
- Wifi

Each of the above have an included widget! Just go to Add->Widget->NOTIFi from your home screen!

Also launch applications, Android system shortcuts and a built-in flashlight activity.

Uses for NOTIFi:

- As a speed dial application (because it supports all android shortcuts, including quick contacts and instant dialers, etc)

- An easy and convenient way to quickly switch on or off any of the above settings without leaving your current application

#### Pro users get ####
- Unlimited shortcuts and tabs

#### Free users get ####
- Maximum 8 shortcuts and 2 tabs

*** If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to email us at ***

Last comments from Android Market

Anonymous (***)
notification line used for "icon". shame.

svu (*)
Does not switch brightness, gps, wifi, flashlight. Nearly useless. Nice gui though

Nathan (***)
WiFi doesn't work, GPS just redirects to settings, was looking for something to work with adw, but honestly you're better off with the Sense widgets

just4giggles (*****)
This is a really innovative app that adds another layer to the os. Could use custom functions, but over all its great.

Jake (*****)
This allows me to adjust screen brightness and timer on the fly for use in my car dock. Simple and functional.

Marquita (*****)
Love this app! Please add 4g option for Evo. Thanks

xevilstar (****)
Would buy the pro version but Google allows just free apps in Norway please complain with Google and give us outcasted nations an alternative way

Tyler (***)
Could be great once a few bugs are fixed. The problem for me is that the wifi would constantly enable and disable itself on its own

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