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YANC Pro - 1.11 USD

by SoftWyer, Version: 1.10.0 , 100 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-07-26 20:52:59

8 ratings (5.000 average)

100-500 downloads

What's new in this version (1.10.0):


+ Added on option to keep the screen on. Just long-press on the undimmed time.
+ YANC now assumes the night is 6 hours, so plugging power in after midnight should work if the current time is less than 6 hours before the show-on-power time.


+ Added an option to show YANC Pro when the power cable is plugged in.

Thanks to Rob for the idea.

More details can be found on our Google Plus site here 


Yet Another Night Clock, Pro - Now for ICS!

Features (compared to the old HTC night clock):

- Much dimmer
- Moves the time around the screen every minute
- Touching the screen brightens it for 5 seconds
- Shows the time of the next alarm
- Change text colours

It's been tested on HTC's Desire and Sensation as well as Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus. It should work on other devices but YMMV.

Note that the alarm displays on HTC and Vanilla Android devices and the Samsung Tab. It probably won't work on other devices*, but feel free to whinge in the comments ;-)

Try the free version first to check if all the dimming and alarm features work on your phone.

*Alarm doesn't show on Vanilla ICS :-( Other features work fine.


Differences between Pro and Free versions?

- Set the minimum screen dimness
- Set the brightness when touched
- Set the touched text colour
- Set the dimmed text colour.
- Stay awake option on battery and power.
- Option to show the status bar when the screen is touched (to see/check your notifications)
- Option to pop YANC Pro to the front when power is connected, after a certain time.
- Long-press the time to toggle between an always on 'day mode' and the normal night clock. Note that day mode will dim with your normal Android screen dimming settings.

Some Notes about Stay Awake

The Stay Awake option will allow YANC to keep running, when it is on battery. A battery level indicator, shown next to the date, indicates that you have Stay Awake enabled.

When the device is powered, it will automatically stay awake, as indicated by the battery icon showing a 'powered' battery symbol.

If you are on battery and the battery level drops below 25%, then the device will remove the wake lock and it should switch off after the normal screen timeout. If you have a large screen timeout then this can still drain all your battery. If you intend to use this feature, then please reduce your screen timeout to 2 minutes or so. Some devices lose power rapidly towards the end.

Please test this feature, at a non-critical time, to ensure that this works on your device. It appears to work OK on HTC and Samsung Tab devices. Whilst we've taken every precaution to ensure this works, we cannot be held responsible if you leave this running and it drains your battery making you late for your wedding/work/lottery purchase/Mother-in-Law visit (*)

This feature relies on the Android operating system informing the application of power level changes and there may be bugs in your device implementation of this.

* Delete as appropriate or replace with worst case scenario.


Pro Tip:

- Remember that brightness and colour work together.


HTC Sensation + ICS + Button Dimming

There is no easy solution for this as HTC appear to have hardwired the light sensor to the buttons. However, there are some things you can do to work around this if you want button dimming:

1) You can't use 'Auto' light sensor. So turn this off in the Settings->Display.
2) You can't start YANC in the dark and have button dimming. Start YANC in a normally lit room and let it timeout. The buttons should dim too. You can now turn off the lights, sleep tight. However, if

YANC Pro screenshot 1

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