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print 3D models at Shapeways - FREE

by Lajos Kelemen, Version: 2.6 , 1336 KB  

Package name: com.tridcomm.kelecrea , Last Update: 2012-08-09 08:27:51

11 ratings (3.182 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.6):

2.6: added a link to kelecrea_paid. With kelecrea_paid you can upload kelecrea's models to _your_ Shapeways account and sell them with profit or buy them cheaper.

2.5: mobile phone charm (small pendant) added. Its both side can have a small pattern to be engraved.

2.4: more ringsizes added

2.3: bugfixes

2.2: has a ring generator where the user can draw a pattern in 2D and it will be appli


kelecrea lets you add text as engraving or embossing to 3D models (rings, pendants, nameplates, coins, brooches, hairpins) and it lets you add small patterns, touch-painted by you, as engraving or embossing to other 3D models (rings, mobile charms or small pendants).

The text's position is adjustable by inserting spaces in front of it.

You can upload the models to a 3D printing service, Shapeways. There you can order the physical objects with your engravings.

If you want to buy the items cheaper or you want to _sell_ the models you customized then you can buy kelecrea_paid. See menu/More/buy kelecrea_paid.

The items can be printed in silver (with glossy finish), stainless steel (with gold and bronze finishes ), full color sandstone, alumide, ceramics, different plastics, glass etc.

Upload is faster using WiFi.

The uploaded models are not shown and can not be ordered immediately on the webpage as the printing service checks the uploaded models for errors. This can take minutes depending on the traffic of the website. If you don't want to wait for the checking then you can see your already uploaded items later as your uploaded items' IDs are stored on your SD card. Use menu/More/'Items you uploaded' for this purpose (i.e. don't upload again the same model as it will be again checked as a new model).

You will see the price on the webpage after uploading.

The price will depend on the material selected on the webpage. You can see the price with different materials before ordering.

The author is not employed by Shapeways.

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