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爱彩票 - FREE

by, Version: 3.1 , 781 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-09-26 02:31:13

320 ratings (4.506 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (3.1):



❤ 准确及时、美观易用的贴心彩票软件。


* 爱彩票的十大特点:
(1) 涵盖各类主流彩票
(2) 及时为您更新彩票出奖数据
(3) 提供历史数据查询
(4) 具备图表分析功能
(5) 爱彩票首创的摇奖功能,摇手机选号码!
(6) 支持自选彩票号码
(7) 自动对奖,依据您摇奖或自选号码对奖。
(8) 错过了期数不要紧,还可以对历史开奖数据进行对奖。
(9) 您可以将摇奖或者自选号码发送短信给朋友或者投注站。

* 用户精彩评价:
(1) xLight: "很精致的彩票软件"
(2) 英志: "有一定娱乐性"
(3) 铮: "摇晃手机是亮点,摇奖嘛,摇摇就中奖"
(4) Simon: "界面美观,功能完善,数据直观,简单易用!"

* 请发现错误或有建议的用户直接发email给我,【写在评论中我无法回复】。

* Chinese Lottery app, [Love lottery], you can choose your own numbers or shake your phone to select lucky balls. And you can get up-to-date lottery results and information in your phone totally for free.

* Also you can send short message to your friend or the lottery shop with your selections.

* You can check your own number with open draws to see what prize you got.

* Lottery Trend Charts available.

* 关键字
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