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Mancala - FREE

by Xoise Solutions, Version: 2.6 , 478 KB  

Package name: com.xoise.mancala , Last Update: 2012-10-04 04:16:10

11160 ratings (3.819 average)


What's new in this version (2.6):

Removed HeyZap. Will use less battery and no more notifications.


Get back to basics and play the classic game of Mancala on your phone!

Mancala is from ancient times. It is one of the oldest known board games. There are many variants, but this game uses the most popular, Kalah.

You are allowed to make multiple moves if your last piece ends up in your mancala pit. Game uses the official rules found at:

- 1-player or 2-player. Play the computer or a friend!
- Instructions - Learn how to play, or check out the rules if you need a refresher.
- Online high scores - Compare yourself to other players.
- Local game history stats - Try to beat your best scores!
- Choose number of stones - Mix it up by altering gameplay.
- Multiple animation speeds - Slow it down to visualize it better or speed it up to play faster.
- Multiple difficulty levels - For beginners to novices. Expert play coming soon - if I ever get enough free time. :(

***** Instructions Below *****

=== Object ===
Collect the most "gemstones" by the end of the game.

=== Contents ===
Mancala board, 48 multi-colored stones.

=== Set Up ===
4 gemstones are placed in each of the 12 inner pockets.

=== Info ===
The gameboard is placed between both players. The 6 pockets in front of you make up your playing area. The large pocket, called the Mancala, to your right is yours. The other is your opponent's.

=== Gameplay ===
One player starts the game by removing the stones in any one of his own pockets and placing one in each pocket, starting with the next pocket to the right. Include your Mancala as a space as you place the stones in the pockets.
If there are enough stones to go past your Mancala, continue placing them into your oppenent's pockets. However, skip his Mancala when placing stones.
If your last stone ends up in your Mancala, you get to take another turn. In illustration 1, Player A has emptied his #3 pocket and the last stone ended up in his Mancala, allowing him to take another turn.
If the last stone you place lands in an empty pocket on your side of the board, you get to take that stone, plus all of your opponent's stones that are in the opposite pocket, and place them in your own Mancala if the opponent's pocket is not empty. Your turn then ends and the next player goes.

=== Ending and Winning the Game ===
The game ends when all six pockets on one side of the gameboard are empty. The other player takes the remaining stones in his pockets and places them in his Mancala. The player who has the most stones in his Mancala wins.

Last comments from Android Market

Marika (*****)
DOES NOT CHEAT! Read how to play it! People forget about "last stone in empty spot" rule.

zuleyma (*****)
Good game and yeahh computer does not cheat.

damian (*****)
Great game i remember playin this as a kid

John (****)
Brings back my 90s childhood. Changing the settings is a must because the default difficulty is at max. 4*s. Droid X.

christina (*****)
Great game. Does not cheat you just can't figure out how to win. If you don't want ads turn your net off. MyTouch 3G Slide.

Fraser (****)
Latest update added large & obtrusive Ads. Any way to make them smaller? Maybe with a "click an Ad to support my App" message?

drea (*)
Sorry,but it DOES CHEAT!!! Uninstalled

Joseph (****)

s (*****)
People, learn the rules! This game uses same rules that came with my physical Mancala game. Not cheating.

Beba (*)
Game does too cheat. I would put my last piece in my mancala and my points would go to the computer. Also, the app has other bugs that need fixing.

Mancala screenshot 1

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