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EasyProfiles (Trial) - FREE

by SmartDyne, Version: 4.7.11a (Trial) , 1415 KB  

Package name: de.SmartDyne.Trial.EasyProfiles , Last Update: 2012-10-02 00:26:20

522 ratings (3.994 average)

50,000-250,000 downloads

What's new in this version (4.7.11a (Trial)):

Some minor fixes.
Adapted to android 4.1.x (Jelly Bean). Unfortunately it was necessary to remove Screenlock attribute and Event "Start/Stop App".
Added option for notification volume on ICS (at least Galaxy S3 reenables separate notification volume)
Fixed minor issue on ringtone settings failure
Fixed wifi toggle bug on ICS


This is a two-weeks trial of "EasyProfiles Pro"!
Best profile manager for android!
EasyProfiles is an intuitive, flexible, battery saving tool which allows you to
automatically or manually switch between profiles that you have defined. A
profile is a collection of system settings you select to make your device
behave as you would like for each situation (quiet, loud, GPS on, etc).
You define rules that activate each profile according to events or other criteria
you have defined. The combination of profiles and rules make EasyProfiles a
powerful system to enable your Android device to behave as you would like
wherever you are.

Profile Attributes are:

- Airplane mode
- Bluetooth
- GPS* *G
- Wifi
- Wifi DHCP/static IP
- Wifi sleep mode
- AutoSync
- background data *R
- data roaming *R
- Mobile network* *G(Attention Froyo users: You have to enable mobile data connection in the system settings, before EasyProfiles is able to switch it!)
- Radio (toggles only phone/SMS connection) *G
- APN settings
- 2G/3G/4G switch *R (GSM only!)
- 4G / WiMAX*
- Hotspot*

- Automatic screen brightness
- Screen brightness
- Display timeout
- AutoRotate
- Wallpaper(Animated wallpapers only *R!)
- patternlock switch *R

- Ringer mode
- Ringer volume
- Notification vibration
- Notification volume
- System volume
- Media volume
- Speaker mode (use phone as hands free device)
- Ringtone
- Notification tone
- Sound effects
- Haptic feedback
- Dtmf tone when dialing

- Ringer group exception*
(You may define contact groups (kind of 'VIP') and add all persons to it that need exceptional handling. I.e. all incoming calls that belong to one of the specified groups are suppressed, if the ringer is on. And vice versa if the ringer is off, these calls are indicated by normal ringer sounds.)
- SMS group exception* (Same as Ringer group exception, but this attribute considers SMS instead of calls.)
- Suppress individual contact ringtones*
- Screenlock*
- Automatically Answer Calls
- HTC Scene*
- Preferred Input Method *R
- Ringer Volume lock

Automatic Profile Switches based on:
- Time
- Weekday
- currently activated profile
- detected/missing Motion
- Bluetooth connection/disconnection
- Wifi connection/disconnection
- Headphones (plugged in/out)
- Battery Level
- Charging state
- Calendar Entry* (with keywords)
- Activation Time (limit waiting for another event to specified time, then fire independently)
- Location (based on mobile phone cells or visible wifi hotspots or GPS)
- Car / Desk Docking station
- Foreground Application (upon start or stop)

Additionally define actions on events and/or profile (de-)activation:
- Start Application
- Stop Application* (not available on FROYO)
- Notify (Notify yourself on an event)
- Send SMS
- Call a number (enables call forwarding)
- Locale Plugin Setting (use all "locale" plugins also in EasyProfiles!)
- Reboot *R
- Execute shortcut (Especially in combination with GScript this becomes a very powerful extension!)

EasyProfiles has an "AutoPin" feature *R: Auomatically inserts SIM PIN after enabling Flightmode,

Last comments from Android Market

Captain Walker (*****)
A seriously fantastic application - 100% satisfied. Works well on my SGS. Manually or automate change of profiles by place, time, event.

James (**)
-set up an sms notification, got 40+ texts in 2 minutes. -crashed open home repeadly -crashed android -uninstalled

Darrin (**)
Nice how the update ends your trial period early. Classy.

james (**)
Two week trial was not honored. Got less than a week, did an update and was cut off right after. Developer started off helpful. Going to Tasker.

SFC Roman (*****)
Great app. Wish you guys wouldnt have shrunk the icons on the change profile page. Sometimes hit the wrong one. Go back to bigger icons

TM (*****)
Fantastic. Everything you need (and more) from a profile app. Great choice of settings and automation

sys-eng (***)
Very nice interface and docs, but functionality and stability not as good as tasker. Uninstalling.

Ian (****)
Great app love the timed changes can't work out the location control though pity I can not purchase it in Qatar.All I can do is keep commenting.

Emil (*****)
It allows to customize all settings in different profiles and create individual rules. So far this is the best profile manager. Read Help first!

Markku Lehtola (****)
Excellent battery saver. Desire

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