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InformationCenter AdFree - 1.99 USD

by Jamari, Version: 1.23 , 827 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-02-26 13:52:03

4 ratings (4.000 average)


What's new in this version (1.23):

- Bugfixing
- VoiceCommand implemented for us,ik,german
- Soundhound id-Tag


Complete Redesign of the UI. The Beta-Module to create/edit Profiles and Buttons are removed. They will be develop in a different way.

!! If you habe trouble after installing the App, please reset the database !!

An overview of the Features:

1) Buttons directly to the results

The main webpages are searchable directly. Enter a text in the searchbox and jump to the result list of the webpage.

2) New innovative suggest function

During typing the search text the suggest features of Google and Wikipedia are called and displayed. Based ob the cool way to display the results you can see more items. It is possible to select the suggest text or to press the button to jump directly to Google or Wikipedia.

3) BarcodeScanner with GoogleShopping-Reader

InformationCenter is not only using the interface of the BarcodeScanner. It is adding informations from GoogleShopping. InformationCenter will display a list of three words blocks, so that it is possible to select title, author or whatever from the GoogleShopping description.

4) Clipboard, use it for quick search

On the startup InformationCenter checks if there is a new content in the Clipboard. If so the app will insert the content on startup in the textfield.

5) QuickSearch function

To call the InformationCenter in a more comfortable and quicker way, you can add the app on the ‘Search’-Button of your phone. (Please note, not every phone has this button).

6) History

All searches to webpage will be stored in the history. You can select the text to search with an different webpage, or click the button to redo the search directly.

7) Quick and sortable access to the Bookmarks

You can insert the Android-Bookmark and sort them. A way to edit these and additional bookmark-sources is planned and will come later on.

8) VoiceInput

You can use the Android VoiceInput directly. Since Version 1.23 you can use commands to search directly. Say 'suche auf wiki Katze' or 'search wikipedia China' you jump direct. Works with a lot of pages. Please note, that I am not a native english speaker. If there is some trouble with this feature, please send me a mail, I can't test it on my own.
And, please note, this is not siri, alice or another app that do these kind of stuff. This is only a one person developer app that I am using. It works for the part it is implementet. More will come, but it will never be siri.

9) Horoscope

A page with the daily horoscope is reachable over the menu.

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