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ZenDice free - FREE

by, Version: 1.9.05 , 1177 KB  

Package name: dk.endgame.SuperYatzy , Last Update: 2012-09-19 00:15:31

11148 ratings (4.088 average)


What's new in this version (1.9.05):

17-July-2012 game version 1.9.05

- bugfix for start-button on big screens where players were unable to start a game.
- Players can now select classic graphics theme
- Updated graphics for big screens. Black border should be gone.
- Engine tweaks. The computer never cheats.


Zendice is a dice game like such games as Yacht, Yot, Generala, Cheerio, Yatzy, and Yahtzee (Yahtzee trademarked by Hasbro).

You roll the dice to get different combinations in order to score as many points of possible. The dice can be rolled up to three times each turn (or four, depending upon which version of the game you're most familiar with) to try to make one of the 18 possible scoring combinations. There are 18 rounds in a game, during which the player chooses which scoring combination is to be used in that round. Once a combination has been used in the game, it cannot be used again.

Because there are tons of different rule variations, there is an option to choose the version that your family played when you were growing up. Select your game type from "Normal" (three rolls), "Easy" (four rolls), "TopDown" (you get four rolls, but you have to score everything from the top of the score sheet from ones down to Yatzy in sequence), "BonusScore" (in which scores in the lower section made in one roll receive double points), "RollSaver" (unused rolls are passed to the next round), "5-dice Classic", "NordicClassic" games or an easy variation of BonusScore and RollSaver games with 4 rolls.

ZenDice supports up to four players at a time, computer or human. To select an automated opponent, check the box next to a player name twice until you see the avatar of a green space invader. To change player name, simply click on the name you want to change. The game keeps a list of most used names.

ZenDice will suggest which dice to hold and which score to score. This is great for kids. Of course the player can always select something else. This suggest system can be turned off in the settings. The game provides a lot of different game styles, and is a fun way to pass the time.

Be the first to break a 1000 points in a Bonus&Saver game or make it trough a TopDown game without zeroing out a score.

Last comments from Android Market

Martyn (****)
Works well

iris (****)
Ready for epic android mmorpg? DL parallel kingdom and use code "luljz" so we can both get extra swag. See you there!

dayna (*)
Ok but u only get to play for a while then it expires

melissa (*****)
I love it! I play every day. Good to pass the time

Isaac (****)
The app is great, but I really wish there was an undo button; I keep rolling accidently and can't undo it.

Joshua (*****)
I love it :) :) :)

nicole (*****)
Love this game!

James (****)
Some of you really need to read the comments before you post. It might fix your problem.

Christiaan (*****)

G (*****)
Great app

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ZenDice Zendice is a dice game like such games as Yacht, Generala, Cheerio and Yahtzee.

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