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Enhanced SMS & Caller ID - 2.50 USD

by Ed Kawas, Version: 2.3.4 , 1680 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-10-02 18:44:01

951 ratings (4.386 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (2.3.4):

Recent Changes:

Contact me with any problems that you may have so we can try to fix them quickly!

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Enhanced SMS & Caller ID provides voice notifications for incoming callers, incoming SMS/MMS messages, Google Talk, new K9 / Kaiten messages, new Gmail messages and event reminders for your Google Calendar.

Our users have called us <i>"the most trusted alert reader on the market".</i>

<i><strong>Now with SMS Voice Reply and automatic reverse lookup of unknown (not private) callers!</strong></i>

You could <em><strong>waste your money on those other apps</strong></em> that do one or two things <strong>Enhanced SMS & Caller ID</strong> can do, or you can get the <strong>all in one solution</strong>!

<strong>This application is only available on the Android / Google Play marketplace. </strong>

Some key features include:
• <strong><em>Highly configurable</em></strong> talking caller id,
• Ability to <strong><em>look up phone numbers</em></strong> (i.e. perform reverse lookups),
• Highly configurable <em><strong>SMS/MMS voice notifications</strong></em> (Compatible with Go SMS and Handcent; see my FAQ for details),
• <strong>Reply to SMS</strong> messages <strong>with your voice</strong>
• Highly configurable <strong>talking Gmail/K9/Kaiten alerts</strong> (K9 /Kaiten mail clients support AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more),
• Configurable <strong>talking Google calendar event reminders</strong>,
• Highly configurable <strong>Gtalk voice notifications</strong>,
• Widgets for quick toggling of the talking notifications,
• <em><strong>Tasker</strong></em>, <em><strong>Locale</strong></em> and <em><strong>Probeez</strong></em> plugins,
• <em><strong>Support for Bluetooth</strong></em> headsets that support the A2DP profile (Caller id through bluetooth on Android 4+ currently doesn't work),
• Ability to <em><strong>Whitelist</strong></em>, <em><strong>blacklist</strong></em> and <em><strong>screen contacts</strong></em>,
• Supports most, if not all, Android voice engines,
• Ability to perform reverse lookups for unknown, but listed, phone numbers automatically (feature varies by country and WiFi, 3G/4G required during call; No Recurring fees or subscription; please see my FAQ for more details),
• <em><strong>Great end-user support</strong></em> and <em><strong>actively developed</strong></em>,
• And much much more!

<em><strong>Coming from a history of support-jobs, we actually listen to our customers. Besides providing the best possible support, we are also always open for suggestions. We do come up with new ideas and features ourselves, but customer suggestions and feature requests have made Enhanced SMS & Caller ID what it is today.</strong></em>

Before posting misleading reviews saying that the app doesn't work properly, <em><strong>please contact me</strong></em>. Clearly our users think Enhanced SMS & Caller ID works properly; either you are having trouble configuring the app or the app may not do what you think it does! Either way, email us and

Last comments from Android Market

Justin (*****)
Best of the lot. The developer is super responsive to any issues/requests. Don't hesitate.

Lifestar53 (****)
Great app, 5 stars when email is read in full instead of a snipet

Contrail (*****)
Great app and Dev. Uninstall "MotoSpeak" or Music Player will activate when phone call is terminated. DroidX 2.2

Rolando (*****)
It works very well, but what I was most impressed with was how helpful the developer was.

Tom (*****)
Reads simultaneously with ringtone, best with quiet ringtones. Like the call screening options. Well worth checking out. N1

Shane (****)
Did not work on bluetooth but issued a very quick refund

Klofi (**)
Cannot get it to work on HTC Desire and Jabra HALO headset (A2DP compatible).

James (****)
After some configuration program works incredibly well. Jawbone ICON. Motorola Droid A855

AnnMarie (*****)
Works great on EVO & BackBeat headset. Doesn't always read caller :(:( 5stars cause its exactly what I paid others for & I think errors will be fixed!

Jim (*****)
Best program of its kind on the market. The programmer is quick to respond to emails and is very open to suggestions. Keep up the good work Ed.

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