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aPounce - FREE

by Adam Komar, Version: 1.522 , 178 KB  

Package name: furcadia.apounce , Last Update: 2012-12-05 09:20:40

52 ratings (3.038 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.522):

Tweaks and fixes. Conversations auto-scroll to the most recent message.




If you get a brief message about the storage device when you try to open the app, send me a message about it and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

aPounce detects the status of players in Furcadia and allows you to communicate with them via whispers.

[Options Menu]
Friends: View your list of friends and their online status.
Options: Set the name and password of the character that will be used to connect to Furcadia and set the sort order of your friends list.
Exit: Close aPounce. Since aPounce is designed to run in the background, you must use this option to close it completely. Using the Back button to get out of the app will only move it to the background.

[Friends Screen]
Click the Add button to add a friend to the list.

A yellow dot next to a friend's name means his/her online status has not been detected, yet. A green dot means he/she is online. A red dot means he/she is offline.

Clicking a friend's name results in asking if you want to remove the friend.

Press and hold a friend's name to bring up a menu that gives you the option to Whisper the friend or Remove the friend.

When you choose Whisper, the Conversation screen will appear.

When you choose Remove, you'll be asked to confirm if you want to remove the friend.

When you receive a whisper from a friend and you're not already in a conversation with that friend, a number will appear to the right of the friend's name which tells you how many messages you've received from that friend since the last time you had the Conversation screen open with that friend.

[Options Screen]
Enter the name and password of the character you want to use to connect to Furcadia. This is the character that will do the detecting of your friends as well as the whispering.

Select Name to sort your friends' list alphabetically by name. Select Status to sort your friends' list by their online status.

Select Remove to remove a friend when you click his/her name. Select Whisper to go to the Conversation screen when you click a friend's name.

[Conversation Screen]
Any messages from a friend will have the "INC" (incoming) to the left of the message and the message will be aligned to the left.

Any messages you've sent to a friend will have the "OUT" (outgoing) to the right of the message and the message will be aligned to the right.

Enter a message into the textbox at the bottom and press the Send button to send it.

Last comments from Android Market

Kevin (****)
Works on my droid x. Ability to send whispers would be awesome! Thanks for your work - Oamey

Juan (*)
1 STAR. Because I couldn't even start the app before it FCed. I really would like to see it run right one day. G1 - Donut build.

AySz88 (**)
Interface needs a lot of work - options are very hidden and bare; battery drains quickly when active

Chris (*)
Didnt want to work samsung moment

Trevor (****)
Looks like a lite FurcPounce. But it would be nice if you could actually whisper. Or even better if you could run the game one day :D

Musica (*****)
Please put whispering. :( I want to be able to talk to my friends.

Juan (*****)
Love the app. Works just as advertised. Only thing is i cant get it to automatically add my pounce friends. Other than that. 5 stars.

aPounce screenshot 1 aPounce screenshot 2

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