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ArtIME Japanese Input - FREE

by Kenichi Takahashi, Version: 1.3 , 6636 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-11-16 12:25:26

1140 ratings (4.086 average)


What's new in this version (1.3):

Revision History:
v1.3 2012/4/26
• Fixed a bug that did not publish the configuration screen in more than HoneyComb
• Add a screen to select the keyboard from the setting of the menu press and hold
• Change the mark-earth
• Change the display of the preview
• Change the display of the touch position in the semi-transparent
• Change some of the design of the Heart
• Fixed various bugs
2011/2/14 v1.0.0
• initial registration


An ArtIME Japanese input is the new software for a Japanese input which has a beautiful user interface and interactive nature.

If you have any questions or bug,
Thank you for e-mail or comment at
In addition, the next version has significant changes are planned.
Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Based on the OpenWnn with a high-speed conversion function, we propose operational feeling close to the iPhone, such as integration with Wikipedia and the design of unprecedented, new ways to use the software keyboard.

1. Installation
Please download and install the installation method from the market site according to Android Market or it.
The icon for a setup goes into an application list automatically after installation.

2. Validation
This software is IME (Input Method Editor), and you can use it only by installing.
An ArtIME Japanese input can be validated by following the following procedures.
- Start an ArtIME Japanese input after installation.
- Push "explanation of setting method" button.
- Push the button "which opens a setting screen."
- Push the check button on the right of a "Art IME Japanese input" of "language and a setup of a keyboard."
- Return to the screen of the ArtIME, please press the button "Select Input Method".
- Please select the Japanese Input ArtIME.

Above, validation is completion.

3. Usage
The keyboard is active after validation finishes.
- Input Japanese.
Push the earth mark of a keyboard several times, or there is long aggressiveness [ an earth mark ], and please choose a "Japanese ten key" or a "Japanese Roman alphabet."
- Input English.
Push the earth mark of a keyboard several times, or there is long aggressiveness [ an earth mark ], and please choose "English (US)."
- Wikipedia automatic search
The ArtIME Japanese input has set the first keyboard design as Wikipedia.
If a character is inputted, and it is an item in Wikipedia, it will search automatically and will display.
If long aggressiveness [ this state / character selection keys, such as "ABC", ] when there is search which was worrisome by Wikipedia, a browser will be started and it will jump to the applicable page of Wikipedia.
- Social IME
From V1.1.1, it corresponded to Social IME.
Please, start a setup and choose Social IME from the item of "network IME". [ an earth key ] [ long ]
After character input conversion, when there is no candidate and Conversion View is expanded, it refers to Social IME automatically and pulls out a candidate.
- Mushroom
A mushroom function can be used on a par with IME represented by Simeji.
Before conversion, please and choose a mushroom, after inputting a character. [ an earth key ] [ long ]
- Cursor pad
As for the case of QWERTY, a cursor pad comes and starts the key as which ■ on a space is displayed in the case of a ten key state by long aggressiveness [ a Shift key ].
The function of a cursor pad is as follows.
- If a cursor pad is traced, selection is started in - double click which can move a cursor, and it can cancel in a single click.
- The cut copy paste of a character string is possible respectively at lower cut /copy/paste.
- When you end a cursor pad, please push upper right x button.
- Various setup is possible, if and a setup is chosen. [ change / of a setting screen and a keyboard design ] [ an earth key ] [ lon

ArtIME Japanese Input screenshot 1

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