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QR Droid Private - FREE

by DroidLa, Version: 5.2.1 , 4752 KB  

Package name: la.droid.qr.priva , Last Update: 2012-10-14 03:59:06

5771 ratings (4.436 average)


What's new in this version (5.2.1):

Several bugs fixed:
- Freezes occurred on some devices when loading History or creating QR codes
- Error produced when creating some QR codes
- Flashlight not being turned off on some devices
- FC produced on some devices when 'Beep' was enabled

Changed defaults:
- Auto open after scanning QR codes containing Web addresses, Contacts and others. You can modify this behavior on 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Default act


<b>LIMITED TIME ONLY</b> – QR Droid Private Completely Ad Free
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"QR Droid Private" is the same as "QR Droid", except it does not ask for "Your Personal Information". Read "<b>Note</b>", below "<i>ABOUT PERMISSIONS</i>" to learn more.

QR Droid Private lets you use your camera to scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately! Or create a code from a Contact stored in your phone, let a friend scan it and get that info transfered! And much more!

<i>If you can't find, update or download QR Droid Private from Android Market, direct download installable APK here:</i>

It's the <i>evolution</i> of normal barcodes. They can hold more information and are more flexible. QR codes can be used to share Contact information, links, geo-locations and more.

• Open QR Droid Private, it will begin scanning immediately
• Center QR code in your camera's viewfinder
• Scanned information will be shown, without pressing anything
QR Droid Private has the <b>best previewer</b>. If scanned QR code had a link to a YouTube video, you'll see video's image, title and duration, immediately! If it has a geo-location, you'll see a mini Google Map; and so on.

• Open QR Droid Private
• Touch button "Create", followed by any option, according to what you want to share
• Follow on-screen instructions until you see a QR code
• Show that QR code to a friend. He'll be able to scan it with his camera from your screen, and get shared information!

• <i>INTERNET</i>: QR Droid lets you decode from a QR code in Internet, given its URL
• <i>ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE</i>: You can set QR Droid to show preview of webpages only while using WiFi, because that feature can use a lot of data
• <i>WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE</i>: You can save generated QR code in your SD card
• <i>CAMERA</i>: To scan codes from camera. The app accesses the camera <b>only</b> when you ask it to scan a code.
• <i>FLASHLIGHT</i>: QR Droid lets you turn your camera flashlight on to improve light conditions
• <i>INSTALL_SHORTCUT</i>: QR Droid lets you create shortcuts to your most-used features, to acces them with a single tap!

<b>Note</b>: Unlike "<i>QR Droid</i>", "<i>QR Droid Private</i>" does not ask for permissions <i>READ_CONTACTS</i> and <i>READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS</i>. Because of this, you'll need to <b>enter all data manually</b> to generate QR codes from Contacts and Bookmarks. If you want this feature, install "<i>QR Droid</i>" (<i></i>) instead of "<i>QR Droid Private</i>". All your information <b>is secure and won't ever leave your device, no matter what version of QR Droid you use</b>.

• This is a free, ads-suppo

Last comments from Android Market

Patrick (*****)
New to qr code app. I tried all the creators and decoder and have no problems. Fun to play with and could be used many ways. Five stars from me.

Shaju (**)
Easyshare is faaar better.

Violet (*****)
Useful, handy tool! Deep gratitude for respecting my privacy & not gathering personal info. I avoid many apps for overstepping privacy permisions.

Campbell (**)
Love that the developer respects privacy (and still allowing ads) but not that it relies on a 3rd party that does not respect privacy to use camera

dounjungi (*****)
would be awesome if there was a dolphin addon for sites without downloadable qr codes.

Dennis (*)
Caused my Droid x to lock up when I used the photo gallery.

Android (*****)
Works like a champ and it does not ask 2 get into contacts as others do

Rob (*)
Not "complete". Still needs an external app.

Asty (****)
Why can't decode a saved image? (Galaxy 5)

K.J. (****)
This is a super handy, fun to use app! Thanks for this : )

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