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Tarot of Bugs - 7.29 USD

by Liberus, Version: 2.5 , 3152 KB  

Package name: liberus.tarot.meneghello.insetti , Last Update: 2012-01-01 04:07:04

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In 2007 Il Meneghello produced the stunning 22 insetti in 22 arcani di Osvaldo Meneghazzi.

TarotBot presents Tarot of Bugs

Il Matto : The Fool - cricket

Cricket sings

making its presence known to all

without considering consequences

Il Bagatto : The Magician - ladybug

Ladybug flits about

mindful of your presence yet unimpressed

it carries itself in the moment.

La Papessa : The High Priestess - butterfly

Butterfly floats

inspired beauty and grace

riding the breath of earth

L'Imperatrice : The Empress - bee

Bee buzzes

working incesantly

to manufacture the essence

L'Imperatore : The Emperor - hornet

Hornet stings

bending others to will

through incapacitation

Il Papa : The Hierophant - moth

Moth appears

passing through the darkness

and masses enthralled by the light

Gli Amanti : The Lovers - Cicada

Cicada emerges

calling for its partner

seeking union

Il Carro : The Chariot - flying ant

Ant explores

territories well known

engaging opportunities

La Giustizia : Justice - metal beetle

Beetle bores

cutting through dense cover

to reach the heart

L'Ermita : The Hermit - caddisfly larvae

Larvae weaves

a tapestry of itself and its environment

finding itself in the world and the world in itself

La Fortuna : Fortune - goliath beetle

Goliath persists

removing all barriers

as it moves through its cycles

La Forza : Strength - stag beetle

Stag beetle stands

holding its ground in the face of a challenge

fighting for love

L'Appesso : The Hanged Man - spider

Spider hangs

awaiting patiently

that which is to come

La Morte : death - scorpion

Scorpion hides

targeting its mark

striking with precision

La Temperenza : Temperance - harvesting ant

Ant marches

following the path of its predecessors

in order to bring home abundance

Il Diavolo : The Devil - praying mantis

Mantis watches

standing tall in the light

yet unseen by those it feeds upon

La Torre : The Tower - colony collapse

Colony collapses

so much effort brought to naught

by force beyond comprehension

Le Stelle : The Star - cricket

Cricket sings

its song carrying hope

that its beacon will bring love

La Luna : The Moon - firefly

Firefly shines

dreaming of a partner

to bring comfort through the night

Il Sole : The Sun - dragonfly

Dragonfly hovers

inspiring awe and wonder

yet remaining out of reach

L'Angelo : Judgement - luna moth

Moth returns

from the light to the shadows

culminating the cycle

Il Mondo : The World - locust

Locusts swarm

its feast is famine

as life consumes life

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