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Halo Reach Achievements image

Halo Reach Achievements - FREE

by Monitaur, Version: 1.0.4 , 483 KB  

Package name: monitaur.halo.reach.achievements , Last Update: 2012-09-20 15:34:22

104 ratings (4.577 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.0.4):

Added achievements for the Anniversary Map Pack.


A sortable, manageable list of achievements for Halo Reach. Each achievement can be hidden after completion.

If you have any comments, requests, or problems, feel free to send something my way or leave a comment on my site.

Remember Reach, Spartans.

Last comments from Android Market

Brandon (*****)
Good, helps me keep track of the ones I need.

Medg (*****)
Works great on my Epic. I love the live access to challenges.

Ste (*****)
Great app, nice layout and glad I can hide completed ones. Update was pretty quick as well.

Zan (*****)
Brilliant tells u all the achievements

Anonymous (*****)
Awsome way to sort your achievements

isaiah (*****)
Itz cool

Ryan (*****)
Daily challenges make this a great app

jorny32 (***)
Download Halo Reach Tips Premium and get all the hints and Easter eggs available!

Jeff (*)
Completely pointless considering all the achievements are so easy.

John (*****)
Love being able to have this checklist available instead of always having to go searching for which ones I still have to complete on my XBox 360!

Halo Reach Achievements screenshot 1

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