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Sonic Chop Sample Ripper - 0.99 USD

by niko twenty, Version: 1.8.1 , 232 KB  

Package name: nikotwenty.sonicchop , Last Update: 2012-03-01 17:21:36

50 ratings (4.160 average)

1,000-5,000 downloads

What's new in this version (1.8.1):

1.8.1 - Fixed name error when saving a single chop, was not saving floating point BPM. Added some more error handling.

1.8 - Added more helpful stuff - a "Lock guides" that lets you lock the beat guides so they move with the WAV when panning. A beat snap to move your selection back and forth. Allows quicker chop work.

1.7 - Added BETA browse for WAV feature, allows you to browse your sdcard for WAV files and chop them&#


Quickly chop audio samples from MP3s on your device and save them anywhere on your SDCARD for use in music applications.

Powerful waveform display for chopping. Pan, Zoom, and fine adjust movements.

● BASIC OPERATION: TAP "inside" the selected area to only play the selection. Set the "LOOP" button to loop the selection when it plays. TAP "outside" the selected area to play the song normally.

● Use Beat snap to move your chop selection back and forth a beat at a time

● Use fine adjust to fine tune your selection. Fine adjust will adjust whatever parameter you moved last (pan, left marker move, right marker move, beat snap)

● Loop playback mode to help verify loop cuts.

● Quickly find the BPM of your sample with AUTOMATIC and manual BPM detection PLUS Waveform display shows beat lines for easier adjustment of loop / cut markers (once BPM is set). Easily use the beat lines to verify the BPM is accurate and if not, simply readjust!

● BPM is saved in the filename of the exported Chopped WAV. The chopped sample is instantly ready for use with Electrum Drum Machine or ReLoop Music Sequencer.

● WAV Export to any location on your sdcard - export chopped WAVS to any app - RD3 groovebox, SPC sequencer, Electrum Drum, ReLoop Sequencer, even NanoLoop. Please see each app's help file about what location on the sdcard they can load samples from.

MP3 conversion goes fastest on a device with floating point support.

FAST - mostly native code. Waveform display data is cached to sdcard for faster loading next time you chop a WAV.

More features to come soon!

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