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Contact Editor Free - FREE

by Marten Gajda, Version: , 1157 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-09-09 10:54:11

340 ratings (4.182 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads

What's new in this version (

--- new in --
nothing - just rebuild package hoping that it will fix upgrade issues

--- new in 0.6.2 --
update code base to 0.6.2
fixes several possible crashes
use Exchange contact definition for Enhanced Email contacts
remove MMS phone type for Exchange contacts, it caused synchronization issues

--- new in 0.5.6 --
fix possible crash during startup



This is the contact editor (and only the editor) from the Android 2.1 sources.
I just fixed it to make it work with arbitrary contact sources (like CardDAV-Sync) and removed the dependencies on the internal API to make it work with Android 2.2 and later.
So all credits go to Google.

After installing this app you won't see any launcher icon in your app list. It will be started whenever you try to edit or create a contact (and you select "Contact Editor Free").

If you can edit all your contacts you may not have any benefits from this app. It is useful if you use some custom Sync-Adapter that does not feature its own editor (like CardDav-Sync) and your editor can not edit those contacts.
However some people reported it is useful if your phone's manufacturer removed the ability to edit custom labels.

Also, have a look at "Contact Editor Pro" an improved version of this editor. ( )

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This app can not edit or remove contacts from read-only sources like Facebook or Cloudtact! This is due to the definition of read-only!
Also, if you see a blank screen when editing contacts that are aggregated with a Facebook contact, try to remove and recreate your Facebook account. Facebook limits access from other apps which breaks the contacts API in a way. For further information see

Note regarding Events:
There is a big problem with events in this editor (better: with Android). The Android SDK documentation states about the database column for the date: 'The event start date as the user entered it.' Unfortunately does every manufacturer have it's own opinion about the format. Some are happy with 'yyyy-mm-dd', my phone uses unix timestamps.
So if your phone doesn't accept the 'yyyy-mm-dd' format try entering a unix-timestamp ;-). Seriously, I think about removing this feature until I've found a proper solution. You can help by sending me mails with your phone model, os version and which formats work or don't work for you.

Btw: just writing a comment like "Doesn't work on..." won't help neither you nor me to get it running on your device. Please contact me if you have problems.

Please report bugs by sending me a mail stating what happened and what you did before it happened. Often the Market bug reports are not very helpful without additional informations.

known issues:

* on some devices this app hangs when it is opened. If this happens to you, please send me an email!
* crashes in some very rare cases. I've no further information about those cases and I'm not able to reproduce them. Please send me an email with your phone model, your OS version and what kind of sync-adapters you have installed. Thanks!

Last comments from Android Market

Jeff (*)
Will not start on htc Aria 2.2

Holiday (*****)
Was annoyed when the 2.2 upgrade removed custom names from the phonebook. Glad I have the function back :)

A (*****)
Finally! Thank you, thank-you! Now my Dinc can edit custom names in contacts! Integrates into existing contacts and syncs custom names with google!!!!

Justin (*****)
Replaces the native editor with one that can edit custom source contacts. Great app.

Lauren (*****)
Does its job, edits contacts for this developer's CardDAV sync app.

David (*****)
Excellent. Thank you for the free app. Allowed me to add calendar dates to my contacts. Only needs to be able to view the read onlys. Motorola Droid.

Ali F. Naimi (*)
It doesn't work on HTC thunderstorm

John D (*****)
Adds ability to edit labels on phone #'s, emails, etc. Great fix! Thank you!

Brandon (*****)
Does what it's meant to do and then some. Makes Enhanced Email infinitely more useful.

Nadeem (*****)
Fixed my problem of custom labelling of phone numbers after 2.2 froyo upgrade.

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