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Droid Tesla - FREE

by Vladimir Djokic, Version: 3.76 , 4123 KB  

Package name: org.vlada.droidtesla , Last Update: 2012-09-04 12:35:13

623 ratings (4.226 average)

50,000-250,000 downloads

What's new in this version (3.76):

May 27, 2012 Version 3.76
-Bug fix in spdt/spst switch(Key for toggle,letter "e" and "f" are have been replaced)
May 21, 2012 Version 3.75
-Gates with more inputs(3,4,5,6,7,8)
-XOR outputs logic 1 when there are an odd number of logic 1's in the input.
May 04, 2012 Version 3.7
-In relay the switching on, is no longer depends on the direction of the current flowing through the c


DroidTesla is a simple and powerful SPICE engine.
SPICE is an acronym for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
and was inspired by the need to accurately model devices used in integrated circuit design.

DroidTesla simulator solves basic resistive circuits using Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL)
in much the same way a student in a circuits class would,the simulator systematically forms a matrix in accordance
with KCL and then proceeds to solve for the unknown quantities using various algebraic
techniques such as Gaussian elimination and sparse matrix techniques.

For non-linear components, such as the diode and BJT ,DroidTesla engine searching for the approximate solution by making an initial guess at an answer
and then improving the solution with successive calculations built upon this guess.
This is called an iterative process.DroidTesla simulation uses the Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm
to solve circuits with non-linear I/V relationships.

For reactive elements(capacitors and inductors),the DroidTesla uses numeric integration methods to approximate the state of the reactive elements as a function of time.
DroidTesla offers the Trapezoidal(I'll add a GEAR method later) integration methods to approximate the state of the reactive elements.
Although for most circuits, both methods will provide almost identical results,
it is generally regarded that the Gear method is more stable, but trapezoidal method is faster and more accurate.

DroidTesla for now can simulate:
-Potentiometer (available only in pro version)
-Light Bulb (available only in pro version)
-Ideal operational amplifier
-Bipolar junction transistor (NPN PNP)
-MOSFET N-channel depletion
-MOSFET N-channel enhancement
-MOSFET P-channel depletion
-MOSFET P-channel enhancement
-JFET N and P (available only in pro version)
-PN Diode
-PN Led diode
-PN Zener diode
-AC current source
-DC current source
-AC voltage source
-DC voltage(battery) source
-CCVS - current controlled voltage source
-CCCS - current controlled current source
-VCVS - voltage controlled voltage source
-VCCS - voltage controlled current source
-Square wave voltage source (available only in pro version)
-Triangle wave voltage source (available only in pro version)
-AC ampermeter
-DC ampermeter
-AC voltmeter
-DC voltmeter
-Two channe oscilloscope (available only in pro version)
-SPST Switch (available only in pro version)
-SPDT Switch (available only in pro version)
-Voltage controlled switch (available only in pro version)
-Current controlled switch (available only in pro version)
-AND (available only in pro version)
-NAND (available only in pro version)
-OR (available only in pro version)
-NOR (available only in pro version)
-NOT (available only in pro version)
-XOR (available only in pro version)
-XNOR (available only in pro version)
-JK flip-flop (available only in pro version)
-7 Segment Display (available only in pro version)
-IC 555 (available only in pro version)
-Transformer (available only in pro version)
-Graetz Circuit(available only in pro version)

If you are making an
oscillators you have to put a small initial value on some of the
reactive elements.(see the examples)

Last comments from Android Market

Craig U (**)
Neat concept, making a schematic is easy enough. Circuits don't work right. (if at all... It's pretty buggy)

Anonymous (****)
Not bad. Recommendations: add the option to add a ground source, vcc source, leds, 7 segment display, logic probe, and ttl chips.

Curtis M (**)
Force closes when rotating screen on droid x 2.2 intermittently

Арман (***)
Idea good but I can,t run anything and can't make parallel circuit.

Anonymous (***)
Really want to try it, like.posted b4, opens to blank screen on EVO 2.2 stock and cynogen rom

Gordon (****)
I'd love to see development on this continue. It would be very handy with little work on the interface. Bigger font for small screens, please! :)

Christopher (****)
Neat concept. Good for building basic schematics. Haven't played with it enough yet to see everything it does. Moto Droid.

T (*)
Doesn't "do" anything... EVO 2.2

Don (***)
OK..but needs documentation. ..devs website is advert for energy bars? C'mon....

steve (**)
5 stars for concept and developers effort but 1 star for interface and usability

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