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WikiTravel Mobile - FREE

by Internet Brands, Inc., Version: 1.0 , 20 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-11-05 18:13:12

39 ratings (3.179 average)

5,000-10,000 downloads


This android app is an entry point into -- a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable worldwide travel guide. WikiTravel has over 20 thousand destination guides in 16 languages, all written by Wikitravelers from around the globe.

Last comments from Android Market

Seth (*)
Appears to be merely a wrapper for the website. Doesn't support GPS location or even the Android search button. Lame, uninstalled within five minutes

Zak (***)
Would be useful if it worked offline. Now not so much better than a web browser.

Mohammed (***)
I have problem through navigation of the content of the page .. but the application is awesome..

Peter (***)
Has potential but awkward to navigate back.

Dubajus (****)
Wapedia is better than this app.

C (*****)
V handy

shin1ma2 (***)
I love the concept of this app. it seems to be a language problem. when my mobile (nexusone)'s language setting is spanish, it does not show any page.

Dave (***)
Easy access to the travel wiki for Android mobile. Does what it says on the tin! Great for tourist information. DaveH

Jeff (*)
Wouldn't open. Uninstalled - Droid

Richard (*)
Awful, if phone goes into standby when deactivated it returns to its home page on xperia x10.

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