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Shadow ZONE - FREE

by NewGround, Version: 1.0.0-admob , 287 KB  

Package name: , Last Update: 2012-09-14 00:02:46

212 ratings (3.396 average)

10,000-50,000 downloads


The story plot:

* Year 1986
It's been a tragic explosion at fourth block of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. After the explosion, the 4th block was surrounded by defence called 'Shelter' and 30 km radius Zone of alienation was created. Since that time no one enters 'Shelter'...

* Year 2008
Radiation in Zone constantly has affected different beings that developed undiscovered abilities. There have been many anomalies and artefacts in the Zone because of the actions of these creatures...

* Year 2010
From all over the World the fortune hunters have been coming to Chernobyl to research Zone. Artefacts, found in Zone, are valuable and can be sold to dealers on black market. A small village was founded near Zone; people who lived there and voluntarily took part in researching Zone were called Stalkers...

* Year 2012
Having lived near Zone few years, many Stalkers managed to marry and build own homes. These people have settled their life and would not live anywhere away from Zone...

* Year 2014
The high radiation activity is indicated in 'Shelter'. Scientists assume: situation can get out of the control that can lead to a new nuclear Apocalypse. A team of Stalkers was gathered with order to get into 'Shelter' and try to find out the reasons of high activity in the middle of half destroyed reactor. Their names forever will be kept in memory of humans - Jane, Nikita and Peter.
But mad Black Stalkers are want to stop their mission in order to arrange the Apocalypse and destroy the humankind...


Player's character is a hero accepted quest in order to save the world from thermonuclear danger. His mission is to breakthrough security perimeter of Alienation Zone and to prevent development of thermonuclear chain reaction in the middle of the 'Shelter' object, which hides half destroyed nuclear reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power plant. During the mission hero will be attacked by mad Black Stalkers and awful creatures of the Zone.

Main Game Features:

* Seven precisely balanced missions in campaign mode with more than forty hours to finish all tasks.
* Eight skirmish maps to fight against one up to three opponents.
* Graduate technological development of player and enemy forces during campaign.
* Seven types of game world terrain. Each type has defined cost of passing through and additionally can increase/decrease some abilities of the character staying there.
* Four types of buildings with various meaning in the gameplay.
* Player and enemy have ability to occupy buildings in order to gain additional resources.
* Twelve types of battle units including commanders (Stalkers) with different abilities.
* Each battle unit has five major abilities allowing a variety of strategic decisions during the battle.
* Experience of each battle unit increases during fighting.
* Mini map to depict all units on the map and all buildings.
* Save game feature with three slots to store game at any time when player need this.
* Extraordinary graphics and game atmosphere
* Marvelous music and sound effects

Last comments from Android Market

joshua (*****)
Nice game! Solid if you like shining force

jesus (*****)
Very addicting once you have a good hang of it. Moto Cliq

Rooks (****)
Fun game for what it is. Controls on touch screen are cumbersome. A quick guide at the beginning would be nice (is there an actual adv. to flanking?).

wade (***)
Controls r difficult, game itself is difficult, but for done reason I'm addicted even though I don't really know what I'm doing. Evo 2.2

Joshua (****)
Not bad, but the likeness to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is pretty obvious.

trey (*****)
Fun to play.wastes time when im bored.those complaining about the battery issue.why don't you just install the advanced task killer app? It kills it

Ying (***)
Good graphics. No sound. Horrible controls and not user friendly. Good game though. Bad controls. Evo

Gareth (***)
This wont load on froyo. At all, even in the android emulator

Frankie (***)
Not a bad RPG, but feels ported from another platform, poor interface.

Jaz (**)
Doesn't start. Evo 4g

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